East Central University is committed to academic excellence and integrity within a safe and supportive learning and working community for all our members.  Our first value states, “We are humble, kind and generous, caring for our students and one another.”
One of the ways we demonstrate this value is seeking help for those in our ECU community who are exhibiting concerning behaviors.  We depend on all community members to help identify and report behaviors of concern so that the University can provide appropriate support for those in need.

Tiger Alert: General Concerns

Often small indicators can identify risk factors for student success.  Examples include: erratic or non-attendance; lack of interest in school or stated intention to withdraw; negative interactions with others; significant life challenges such as family illness or death, homelessness, or food insecurity; significant change in attitude or performance; and consistently poor academic performance.  This report will be sent to the Academic Success Center and the Dean of Students.


Report Concerning, Worrisome, or Threatening Behaviors

ECU Community Members are encouraged to report behavior that is perceived as concerning, worrisome, or threatening.  This includes reports of: thoughts of hurting oneself or others; not eating or not sleeping; hallucinations; erratic or unusual behavior; or reports of depression.   The report form will help you to identify risk level for appropriate emergency reporting.  This report will be shared with ECU’s CARE (Campus Assessment Response and Evaluation Team) for assessment.


Report an Academic Integrity Violation 

Academic violations are behaviors that include, but are not limited to, cheating, plagiarism, or falsifying official records related to the University.  More information on Academic Integrity can be found at https://www.ecok.edu/policies-and-handbooks/academic-integrity-policy.  This report will be forwarded to the Office of Academic Affairs.


Report a Student Conduct Violation 

Student Conduct Violations are behaviors that include, but are not limited to, alcohol, disorderly conduct, drugs, hazing, harassment, physical violence, or other violations of university policies, regulations, or rules. More information about ECU policies can be found at https://www.ecok.edu/policies-and-handbooks/ecu-student-code-conduct .  These reports will be forwarded to the Dean of Students.


Report Relationship / Interpersonal Violence, or Sexual Misconduct (Title IX)

Interpersonal violence includes dating violence, domestic violence, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, or stalking behaviors.  More information on Title IX policies at ECU can be found at https://www.ecok.edu/policies-and-handbooks/title-ix-resources .   This report form will be submitted to the Title IX Coordinator for review and support. 


Submit a Grievance

ECU aims to provide a supportive campus culture that promotes student learning and development. However, should the need arise, students may file complaints with appropriate institutional officers. Complaints are typically addressed to the individual most directly involved with the complaint. A student should attempt an informal resolution with the appropriate faculty member, staff member or administrator. If the issue cannot be resolved at the level to which the complaint is made, it may be referred to the next higher level. The President may overrule any and all decisions. Also, any complaint filed directly with the President will then be processed through the appropriate administrative channels to attempt resolution prior any final action.


What if I am unsure of which report to fill out?

  • If the nature of the report includes interpersonal violence or sexual misconduct, it is best to file a Title IX report.
  • For all other incidents regarding students that may be unclear, please use the Tiger Alert: General Concerns report. 
  • For all other incidents regarding non-students please use the Grievance Form above


Submit a RUSO Ethicspoint Report

An Ethicspoint report goes directly to the Regional University System of Oklahoma (RUSO) Regents and is a complaint regarding a process, department, policy, or person under the authority of East Central University.  The complainant should first exhaust all avenues of relief through the appropriate appeal processes (i.e. Department Chair or Director, Academic Dean, Dean of Students, etc.) and the above grievance process before submitting this form.


Submit a Free Speech Violation at ECU

This report goes directly to the Oklahoma Free Speech Committee of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE).  Please read the ECU Expressive Activity Policy available at https://www.ecok.edu/policies-and-handbooks/expressive-activity-policy before submitting a report.