Deanna Hartley-Kelso is an Assistant Professor with East Central University’s Stonecipher School of Business and practices law as a solo practitioner with Hartley Kelso, P.C. In her practice, she provides legal services and consulting for business, transactional, gaming and governmental matters for tribal governments and their business subsidiaries, large and small, primarily in Oklahoma. Ms. Hartley-Kelso was previously a Senior Partner at the Indian and Environmental Law Group, PLLC, with offices in Tulsa and Ada, Oklahoma. Her practice focused primarily on Indian law matters, including tribally driven litigation and consulting on governmental, business and gaming matters for tribal entities and also participated in Environmental Tort litigation matters. She has taught Criminal Jurisdiction in Indian Country and Principals of Federal Indian Law in the Masters of Jurisprudence program at Tulsa University College of Law and served as an adjunct professor with East Central University in the Legal Studies Department and the Stonecipher School of Business. Ms. Hartley-Kelso served as the Attorney General for the Chickasaw Nation, as well as an executive officer and administrator of the Nation’s Division of Justice, from 2004-2014. She also served the Chickasaw Nation as its General Counsel from 2001-2004, and its first Legislative Counsel from 1997-2001. Ms. Hartley-Kelso was the 2016 Chairperson and previous chair, vice-chair, treasurer and board member of the Chickasaw Foundation Board of Trustees. She served as a citizen appointee to the Arkansas Riverbed Authority from 2001-2014, as well as numerous other internal boards and committees within the Chickasaw Nation. Ms. Hartley-Kelso was appointed to represent the Eastern Oklahoma region on the advisory board to the Indian Law and Order Commission, and provided testimony related to law enforcement issues in Indian Country. She was appointed by Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry to the Oklahoma Juvenile Affairs Board from 2009-2013, serving as its 2012 chair. She also represented the Chickasaw Nation at the 2004 United Nations Human Rights Working Group on the Draft Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Geneva, Switzerland, and provided subsequent testimony in 2012 to the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights at hearings held on the campus of the University of Tulsa.