23 Oct
1:00 pm 2019

The Ag Fest will be held in the University Center and adjourning outside areas. This will allow visitors to interact with the different presentations as they learn about Agriculture in Oklahoma from 1-5 p.m. For more information, see the press release here.


Booth participants:

Ag in the classroom - Audrey Harmon
Spinning wheel with Agriculture questions
Plunk Board with Agriculture related careers

Noble Foundation - Steve Upson (production consultant for fruit and vegetables on the commercial end for Oklahoma and Texas)
Raised bed gardening hoop house
Picnic Basket filled with items using different commodities
Insect boards
Pecan boards

ECU Ecology Club
Beyond Food Scraps

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - Dr. Eric Howard
Demonstration of Agriculture space

Environmental Health Science Club
Solar Oven

Pontotoc County 4-H
Chickens, careers and meat

Oka’ Institute
Poster about water and growing sustainability

Pontotoc County Farm Bureau - Greg Pierce and friends
Ask a farm or rancher any question

Farm Bureau Foundation - Burton Harmon
Agriculture trailer?

“Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner”- Heather Buckmaster

Bee Keeping - Ernie Staggs

Ag Tourism - Micaela Danker

Southwest Southland Dairy Farms - Ralph Keel

Oklahoma Wheat Commission - OSU Extension