08 Jan
9:00 am 2021

Session One: 9:00am

  • “QPR Suicide Prevention” - Holli Witherington (this session is 2 hours)
  • “MS Office 356/Teams” - Stacey Bolin

Session Two: 10:00am

  • “10 Truths About Leadership” - Wendell Godwin
  • “Advising for Student Success” - Mitchelle Barton

Session Three: 11:00am

  • “Communication: How to Talk With and Shape Tomorrow’s Leaders” - Dana Belcher
  • “ECU’s Grant Writing Process” - Leah Lyon

Session Four: 1:00pm

  • “Quality Matters/Online Course Development” - Jason Prather
  • “We Can Help with That: How Staff and Faculty Can Use Librarians as a Resource” - Casey Lowry

Session Five: 2:00pm

  • “The Many Ways Assessment is Used at ECU” - Robin Roberson
  • “Goals and Current Work of the Enrollment Management Committee” - Brandon Hill
  • “Flipped Classroom Teaching” - William Crowell

Session Six: 3:00pm

  • “Beginning Excel: Getting the most out of your data requests from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness” - Genia Harrison
  • “Reducing Student Cost and Increasing Equity & Engagement with OER” - Marla Lobley
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