01 Mar
7:30 pm 2018

Ataloa Theatre, Hallie Brown Ford Fine Arts Center

This riotous, interactive pirate escapade satisfies children's universal curiosity for the briny buccaneers of yore, while promoting everyday polite behavior and social courage.  Now in its 24th season, Pirate School! has delighted thousands of families with a mischievous blend of improvisational clown theater and its signature brand of boisterous full-audience participation. Parents marvel as their kids become "good pirates," swaggering out of the theater transformed by this heartwarming family show.   The audience partakes in riotous, joyful competitions that rattle the rafters and zany lessons on how to stand, talk,sing, and laugh like jaunty buccaneers. Featuring an original cartoon-like sound effect and musical score, eye-popping puppetry, eccentric props, adept magic, slapstick swordplay antics,a misbehaving cannon, a talking skull, and the world's only wearable pirate ship, Pirate School! is truly a treasure to discover!

Advance tickets are $8 for adults and $5 for children. Click here to purchase tickets.

Pirate School character posed with a hat in front of a treasure map