If you have been exposed to a confirmed positive person, are experiencing symptoms, or have had a positive test you must contact Student Health Services immediately.

If you have had a positive COVID19 test:

If you have tested positive, you are to begin isolation protocols as instructed by your doctor or the CDC guidelines - under Recommendations. 
You are then to contact Student Health Services by phone 580-559-5713 immediately upon learning of positive test. Student Health Services will complete the questionnaire, obtain necessary information, and inform the necessary entities.

If you have been exposed to a confirmed positive COVID19 case:

East Central University will follow the Public Health Guidance for Community-Related Exposure as written by the CDC.
You are to immediately contact East Central University – Student Health Services at 580-559-5713 for further instruction. 

Symptomatic Persons:

If you have any of the symptoms of COVID19 you are advised to immediately contact Student Health Services at 580-559-5713 to complete the questionnaire and receive further instruction. 

Student Health Services is offering COVID19 testing at this time for symptomatic students.