ECU aims to provide a supportive campus culture that promotes student learning and development.  However, should the need arise, students may file complaints with appropriate institutional officers. Complaints are typically addressed to the individual most directly involved with the complaint. A student should attempt an informal resolution with the appropriate faculty member, staff member or administrator. If the issue cannot be resolved at the level to which the complaint is made, it may be referred to the next higher level. The President may overrule any and all decisions. Also, any complaint filed directly with the President will then be processed through the appropriate administrative channels to attempt resolution prior any final action. Students may request contact information from institutional officers to file a complaint with the appropriate state agency of the institution’s accrediting body.

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If issues are unable to be resolved internally, complaints may be directed to the Oklahoma State Board of Regents:
•    Complaint process for students residing in Oklahoma (external link)
•    Complaint process for out-of-state students residing in SARA member states