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The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (OESC) sometimes referred to in the general public as the unemployment office is experiencing an unusually high volume of fraudulent claims.  Some of our employees have been victims of this fraud as the criminal element is using their identity to file false claims.  We have notified these employees and are working with the OESC fraud department and the State AG's office to resolve the issues.  If you feel you have been a victim of this fraud, please notify Employment Services.  This fraud is not isolated to ECU employees, and the State Attorney General has issued guidance on how to report the crime.  Employment Services will file a fraud claim with the OESC and report the crime with the State AG's office for all employees affected.  Victims are also encouraged to file cases with the OESC Fraud Department and the State Attorney General. 

Stopping Unemployment Assistance Fraud 
If individuals receive correspondence related to unemployment claims for which they did not file, the first step is stopping payment of the fraudulent claim by contacting the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission fraud office at

Once individuals who are victims of this fraud have contacted OESC about stopping incorrect claims, the Attorney General's Office asks they complete and submit this form to unemploymentcomplaint@oag.ok.govallowing law enforcement to investigate the claims:


Other Resources: 
If you have been notified of fraudulent activity, then you should also contact the major credit bureaus.  This is important because 'someone' filed using your social security number, which could compromise your personal information.


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