Tommy Hewett, M.D. Wellness Center & McBride Complex Policies

East Central University


  1. All new patrons and ECU students must complete all required liability forms prior to facility use.
  2. All users must check-in at the front desk with a valid ECU student ID, ECU faculty/staff ID or Wellness Center Patron ID card at each visit before using any facilities.
  3. The Wellness Center Director and staff are responsible for enforcing all policies and rules.  Users that do not adhere to the directions provided by the staff and/or abuse personnel through language or conduct will have privileges suspended or revoked.
  4. Offensive or profane language, disruptive behavior and intimidation will not be tolerated. Failure to comply with policies will result in immediate removal from the facility and/or loss of privileges.
  5. Facilities are under video surveillance.
  6. The Wellness Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Day lockers are available by the racquetball court and are recommended for storing items during each visit.
  7. Equipment is available to check-out with a valid ID.
  8. Unauthorized personal training or any type of one-on-one instruction is prohibited.  Please talk to the Director if you are interested in programming.
  9. No food or drinks are allowed in workout areas except water and sports drinks in a spill-proof bottle. The use of any form of tobacco or alcohol is prohibited.
  10. The Wellness Center closes periodically for holidays, maintenance and renovations.  Notice of changes in hours will be posted at the front desk and on our social media accounts.  Refunds or extension of membership will NOT be given. We follow the university calendar with some additional openings/closings during select holidays and summer session. 
  11. For the purpose of family memberships, family is defined as enrollee, spouse and natural or adopted children under the age of 18.  Requests for exception may be made to the Director.
  12.  Dress code:
  • Shirts must be worn at all times.
  • Soft-soled, closed-toed athletic shoes required.
  • No denim or pants with buttons or zippers that can tear the padding on equipment.
  • Please use discretion with your clothing choices.  Wellness Center staff have the authority to ask you to change at any time if deemed inappropriate.  Because we are open to families in the community, please keep clothing choices respectful of all ages.
  1. Age Requirements:
    • Children may utilize the pool, basketball court and racquetball courts when accompanied by an individual 16 years or over.
    • Children under 12 cannot use the circuit room equipment or participate in adult group exercise classes.
    • Youth ages 12-15 must be accompanied by an individual 16 years or over to use any area of the Wellness Center.

Circuit Room

  1. Wipe down equipment after use with the cleaner and towels located throughout the facility.  Do not directly spray the console of the cardiovascular equipment. 
  2. Do NOT drop weights because of the second-floor location.  Heavy lifting is better done in the Tigers Den.
  3. Bar clamps must be used on all barbells loaded with weights.
  4. Re-rack weights and put equipment back in the designated areas after use.

Racquetball Court

  1. Racquetball equipment is available for check out at the front desk.
  2. When playing racquetball, safety goggles must be worn at all times. 

Tigers Den

  1. Tigers Den may only be entered through the McBride Gym, and all users must check in and leave ID cards at the front desk. 
  2. No one may leave through the outside exit except in an emergency. 
  3. Users may play their own music in the Tigers Den if there is no class.  Music must be clean.  Obscenities and profanity are not allowed, and you will be asked to turn it off. 
  4. Re-rack weights and put equipment back in the designated areas after use.

McBride Pool

  1. Lifeguards are NOT on duty at all times, swimming is at your own risk.
  2. Children 12 and under must be directly supervised by an adult in the pool.
  3. Prior to pool use all patrons, including children, must check in at the front desk.
  4. Persons with open wounds, bandages or any symptoms of communicable disease are prohibited from entering the water.
  5. Persons that have had diarrhea in the past two weeks are prohibited in the water.
  6. No animals are allowed in the water.
  7. Safety equipment is not to be used for play or tampered with.
  8. Running and rough play are prohibited in and around the water.
  9. Do not enter water if the main drain cover is missing or not securely attached.
  10. Do not remove main drain covers or gates.
  11. No swimming, diving, playing or snorkeling near the main drain.
  12. Bathing load limit is 74 persons.
  13. No diving at any time.
  14. Those using life jackets and all non-swimmers must have an adult in the water with them at all times.
  15. Lane ropes are not to be touched at any time.
  16. Non-toilet trained children must wear swim diapers in the pool.

McBride Gym & Track

  1. No hanging on rims or nets. No dunking on side goals.
  2. Full court play is allowed any time during the day.  Please be respectful of others waiting on the court.
  3. Profanity, disruptive conduct and aggressive behavior will not be tolerated, if persists privileges may be revoked or removed.
  4. Dress code applies to McBride gym and track. 
  5. Track: 1 mile = 15 laps and 1 straight.  Counters are available at the front desk.

Group Exercise Room

  1. Classes may be canceled at any time due to lack of participation/interest or instructor availability.
  2. Classes will not be held during major holidays and university closures unless otherwise specified by instructor.
  3. Instructor reserves the right to change the class format at anytime.

Locker Rooms

  1. Lockers are available in the downstairs dressing rooms by the pool. Each patron must bring a personal lock to use on his/her locker. Patrons are encouraged not to leave personal items unsecured in the locker room.
  2. Lockers must be reserved, through the front desk.  Reservations are terminated on membership end date. 
  3. When locker reservation terminates, Wellness Center will give a week notice before cutting lock and collecting items inside.
  4. Items collected from terminated lockers will remain in WC possession for additional week before discarding.


05/18/2023 Revision