As we come together upon this land to learn, we first want to acknowledge the original inhabitants of these lands and this region. We honor and extend our respect to the Kitikiti’sh (Wichita), Hasinai (Caddo), Na i sha and Ndee (Apache), Nʉmʉnʉʉ (Comanche) and Cáuigù (Kiowa) peoples and their eventual successors, the Chikashsha (Chickasaw Nation), who have since made various contributions to the success and development of East Central University (ECU) and the larger community. ECU exists because of the foresight of community leaders and the generosity of Chickasaw citizen Daniel Hays. East Central University would like to acknowledge the history of the land and the people that inhabited this place before us. 

To express our appreciation and gratitude to the peoples that inhabited and cared for these lands before us and to honor their memory, East Central University acknowledges and respects the diverse historical contributions made by various Indigenous groups to these lands. ECU is fully committed to recognizing and supporting the sovereignty of the 39 tribal nations residing in the state of Oklahoma. This land acknowledgement statement is an extension of ECU’s mission statement and core values to foster a learning environment that prepares students for life in a rapidly changing and culturally diverse world. As an institution founded upon the generosity of Chickasaw citizen Daniel Hays, ECU honors and respects the diverse groups of people and their cultures that form our Tiger community.