Do you enjoy helping others and trying to decide the best way to help?  Do you reflect on your interactions with others and work on improving your relationship skills?  Then the Human Services Counseling degree may be for you.  The objective of the Human Services Counseling - concentration in counseling is to provide theory and practice-based education for those individuals interested in working with persons in a variety of helping situations.

Providing services for individuals, couples, families, groups, or employees involves assisting with problem-solving and prevention, employment, or job interview skills and is based on the needs of those you serve.  The focus of these services may be on physical or mental problems, drug or alcohol abuse, aging-related concerns, or job seeking/placement problems.  The target populations range from youth through the aged.  Crisis situations, victim's assistance, domestic violence, attempted suicide, or rape are just a few of the situations that human services counseling graduates address.
The Human Services Counseling Program has a long and rich history at East Central University.  Graduates with this degree work in a wide variety of jobs throughout the United States and the World.  Some of these jobs are: case management, intervention workers, social service providers, and employment specialists.  Graduates also work in mental health, substance abuse, aging, youth care, and adolescent programs that strive to meet the ever-changing needs of clients.  If you endeavor to make positive changes in the lives of those you serve, then a degree in Human Services Counseling may be for you.

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