East Central University will launch its new General Education program in fall 2023! This program will provide students opportunities to explore multiple disciplines and develop a foundation to succeed in college and to meet their personal and professional goals. ECU faculty have designed a program that is flexible and transfer-friendly so students can make progress toward their degrees and have more choice in their educational experiences.

In this program, all ECU students will achieve five learning outcomes aligned with skills highly valued by employers: 


Communication: Students communicate effectively in a variety of situations.

Over the course of the general education program, students will learn to communicate in a variety of ways. This includes both written and spoken communication, but also involves communicating using different technologies and learning to mix text, data, graphs, and images. To make their communication effective, students will learn how to select language appropriate to their audience, purpose, and context. Students will also learn how to actively listen so they can understand the diverse perspectives of others and participate in a civil discourse.

Critical Thinking: Students explore issues and ideas before formulating an opinion, solving a problem, or drawing a conclusion.

Over the course of the general education program, students will build the habit of critical thinking. Students will learn to analyze and evaluate data and evidence, interpret and develop ideas, and combine that information into a coherent whole. Critical thinking is vital to all areas of life; thus, students will learn to apply critical thinking skills not only in an academic setting, but also beyond the campus to personal or global issues.

Information Literacy: Students consume and produce information of any form effectively and ethically.

Over the course of the general education program, students will learn how to find, use, and share information. Information comes in many forms, such as text, numbers, images, or sound, and many of those forms are rapidly changing. Students will learn to adapt to emerging technologies and responsibly participate in this ever-changing information ecosystem, abiding by ethical or legal restrictions on the use of information.

Intercultural Knowledge and Competence: Students recognize the complexity of identity, culture, and heritage.

Over the course of the general education program, students will develop an understanding of how identity, heritage, and culture shape the world. Beyond mere awareness or appreciation, intercultural knowledge and competence supports meaningful interaction in a variety of cultural contexts as students seek out multiple perspectives with openness, empathy, and respect.

Global Citizenship: Students recognize the complexity of global systems and their roles within them.

Over the course of the general education program, students will develop awareness of their intersecting roles and responsibilities at local, state, national, tribal, and global levels. Students will critically analyze natural, physical, social, cultural, economic, and political systems. Students will have the tools to take informed and responsible action, supported by respectful collaboration, to address local and global challenges.

NEW General Education program for students beginning fall 2023 or later


**Students who began continuous enrollment earlier than fall 2023 will follow the previous general education requirements. Please reach out to your academic advisor if you have questions about how general education changes affect your degree path.