Test Location: Fentem 301 (must be pre-registered and paid to enter the testing room)
Time: Monday - Thursday at 8:30 a.m. (approximately four hours) The test will not be given to anyone arriving after 8:30 a.m.
Fee: $75.00 (Fee is subject to change without notice.)
Cell Phones are not allowed in the testing room
Photo ID – Required (check acceptable forms of ID below)


Please contact the Office of Testing and Accessibility Services at (580) 559-5297 to schedule the ACT.


Students may only take the ACT on Campus for admission once during the year (new year starts in October) in which the respective ACT exam is valid. Students also cannot take the ACT on Campus within 60 days of taking it at any other university.

This restriction is necessary to ensure that recent familiarity with questions on the test form is not reflected in inappropriately higher scores. If the 1-YEAR time limit is violated, the retest scores will be canceled automatically. No refund will be made for such canceled retests.


 ACT On Campus scores are for students who:

  1. are enrolled,
  2. have been admitted, or
  3. are applying for admission to ECU.

Students may view scores after 1:00 p.m. on the following day after each test date (Testing and Accessibility Services at 580- 559-5297)

Scores are valid only at ECU and cannot be transferred to any other institution or agency.  No score reports will be generated by ECU (or ACT) to students, high schools, colleges, or scholarship agencies.

ACT Calculator Policy

Examinee responsibilities:

The ACT Calculator policy is designed to ensure fairness for all examinees, avoid disturbances in the testing room, and protect the security of the test materials.

Acceptable Forms of Identification (ACT Policy):

The following are acceptable forms of identification. For more details on each type of ID and examples of unacceptable IDs, go to www.act.org.

  • Current Official Photo ID
  • ACT Student Identification Form


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Have ACT Questions?

Office of Testing and Accessibility Services
(580) 559-5297

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Important Information

ACT on Campus test scores are for ECU admission purposes only.

Photo ID Required

Basic calculator allowed for the math section

Test participants will be the ONLY people allowed in the Testing Room.

Do not bring cell phones, friends, pets, etc. with you to take the ACT on Campus.