East Central University (ECU) recognizes the challenges students face when leaving home and transitioning to a new community. We believe that for many, having an animal can aid in reducing stress/anxiety and contribute to the overall well-being of the campus population. Because of this, we have opted to allow a portion of the residential community to be animal-friendly. It is also our goal to provide a safe environment for members of the ECU community and to protect, maintain and regulate animal ownership privilege enjoyed by member of the residential community. It is for this reason that policy and guidelines for ownership have been created. The opportunity to have an animal on campus is a privilege, not a right. 

Animals that may be approved:

  • Small caged animals
  • Feline/domestic cat
  • Canine/dog (under 40 lbs.)

Animal-Friendly Housing is only available in limited areas of Stadium Apartments to residents eligible to live in Stadium Apartments. ECU, at its sole discretion, except as required by law, retains the right to deny any pet or dog breed to reside on campus to ensure the safety of the community. All students must apply yearly in order to be considered for approval to bring an animal to campus. The application process does not guarantee approval for the animal to live on campus with the student.

Please view the Housing and Residence Life Animal-Friendly Housing Guidelines (pdf) for more information. 

Ready to bring your best friend to campus?! Complete the Animal-Friendly Housing Application, the Housing Application must also be completed to be considered for Animal-Friendly Housing.