Group of studentsThe City of Ada

We are a progressive, quality-oriented community located in the rolling hills of southern Oklahoma. Imbued with ingenuity, a pioneering spirit, and hospitality, we’ve been described as a place where the West meets the South! Incorporated in 1901, it now has a population of 17,000. Ada is located within easy driving distances of three major cities, and is a Main Street City and a Tree City USA member. Ada is large enough to offer many bigger city amenities, such as a four-year university and a thriving business climate, yet still small enough to provide a safe and fun place to raise a family. Ada is home to a world-class EPA water laboratory and the home of the nation’s most progressive tribe, the Chickasaw Nation. Ada is birthplace to the state’s first native-born governor and longtime U.S. Senator Robert S. Kerr and evangelist Oral Roberts. Recent products include country music superstar Blake Shelton, NFL player Jeremy Shockey, and Miss Oklahoma 2009 Taylor Treat. Come see us, you’re always welcome here! -

ECU’s environment is suburban, located directly in the middle of the City of Ada. We are 5 minutes from shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. Ada is a very quiet and peaceful location, so it is the perfect place to study without many distractions. Geographically, we are about two hours south of Oklahoma City and north of Dallas, Texas.


  • Winter: The weather in Oklahoma is very versatile, so some days it can be warm and the next day freezing. Winter weather in central averages about 4.5 C; however, January and February are our coldest months so the weather will often be between -5 and even as warm as 18-20 degrees Celsius. Please bring a warm coat and winter items, but also cooler clothes that you can layer if we have a warm day. As a student, you will spend a lot of time indoors where the heater keeps the climate very warm! Outdoor weather becomes warmer in March and April.
  • Spring: During springtime some days it will be warm and the next day cool. Springtime weather is typically 6 – 25 degrees Celsius with an average daily temperature of 15 C. Please bring a light jacket or a raincoat and umbrella for spring rain showers. The weather will gradually warm up March through May.
  • Summer: Remember that the weather in Oklahoma is very versatile, so most days in summer, May through July, will be HOT. All Oklahomans use air conditioning, so you may feel cold at school or in your residence hall. Summertime weather is typically 25 - 39 degrees Celsius with an average daily temperature of 27 C. You will not need a coat unless you plan to study several months since the weather will gradually cool down in September or October and become colder in November, December, and January.
  • Fall: Some days it can be warm and the next day cool. Fall weather is typically 5 – 20 degrees Celsius with an average temperature of 10 C. Please bring a light jacket and a heavier coat for the cold days. The weather will gradually become colder, especially in December, and may be very cold in January and February. If you are planning to study several months, be prepared for the weather to warm up again in March.