POLICY:  East Central University is an equal opportunity employer. The university hires individuals based on their qualifications and ability to perform the position without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, age, religion, disability, or veteran status. Each individual, while employed at ECU, is expected to make significant contributions to the overall strategic success of East Central University.

This policy has been established to assure complete communications, necessary records, and the employment of competent personnel, to provide proper controls in staffing complements, and to ensure compliance with applicable laws. The employment function is centralized and coordinated through the Employment Services Office.

PROCEDURE  The hiring procedures for ECU are outlined as follows:

1. Authorization

When a department director/chair opens a new or vacated position, the Employment Request form should be completed and routed through appropriate administrative channels for approval. A current job description must be attached to the form as well as an electronic copy sent by email to Employment Services. The Employment Request form also has a section to complete if external advertising is necessary. It is recommended to list a closing date on the request form. Upon receipt of authorization, the Employment Services Office will begin the screening process for applicants by the procedures identified below. When chosen, the Employment Services Office will be notified of the Screening Committee Chairperson and members for the particular screening.

2. Position Announcements

ECU employees are notified first of all regular exempt and non-exempt vacancies by campus-wide email sent from the Employment Services Office. Each vacancy will also be posted on ECU's Employment Services web page under "Prospective Employee Information." Vacancies will remain on the web site until the position is filled or at management's discretion. Part-time and/or temporary vacancies will be posted on the web site only as requested by the department director/chair/dean. Positions are advertised externally based upon need and budgetary considerations. The Employment Services Office is responsible for coordination and placement of all external advertisements.

3. Application Process

Interested individuals will follow the application process identified in the vacancy announcement. It is the responsibility of each applicant to send required materials to the Employment Services Office, 1100 East 14th, Ada, Oklahoma prior to the closing date (if identified). The Employment Services Office will process each application and notify applicants of any missing documents required to complete the applicant file. Each applicant file will be maintained by the Employment Services Office until the Screening Committee Chairperson, or his/her designee, picks them up to begin the screening process. Any application material received after the closing date of the vacancy will not be considered.

4. Responsibility of the Screening Committee

All applicants for a posted vacancy will be considered on the basis of his/her qualifications and ability to perform the job successfully. The Screening Committee will receive a committee packet in accordance with ECU's affirmative action guidelines. The Employment Services Office has additional information available upon request to assist the committee.

The Screening Committee will complete the following procedure in order:

  • review all applications and select those applicants who have the required knowledge, skills, and abilities identified in the vacancy announcement.
  • After this initial screening, the committee will identify an average of 2-5 applicants, depending on the size of the qualified applicant pool, for scheduled interviews.
  • The committee packet includes guidelines for interview competencies. Utilizing these guidelines, the committee will determine the content of the interview questions and type of interview for each applicant. Committee members should carefully review the "Appropriate/Inappropriate Questions" list included in the committee packet. A structured interview process is imperative to ensure that each applicant is interviewed without discriminatory treatment or bias.
  • During each interview, the committee members may take notes on a sheet of paper other than the applicant's resume/application.
  • After the interview process, the committee will determine those applicants that have the most serious consideration for screening. The committee members will check and document professional references.
  • At the same time the professional references are checked, the Committee Chairperson, or his/her designated committee member, will contact the Employment Services Office to request criminal background checks. The applicant's FULL NAME will be given. The Employment Services Office will notify the Committee Chairperson of the results of the criminal background check.

5. Applicant Screening

The committee will review all interview notes, all reference checks, and choose the candidate to recommend for hire to the appropriate administrative official.  When a candidate has been approved, a "Full-time Appointment" sheet will be completed by the hiring department director/chair and forwarded to his/her Vice President.  The Vice President or his/her disignee will contact the selected candidate to make an employment offer, and schedule a start date.

After the screening process is complete, the Screening Committee Chairperson should complete the Applicant Screening Form from the Committee Packet - all applicants for the position will be included on the form.  Each applicant interviewed, but not selected, should be called personally to inform him/her of the committee's decision.  The Screening Committee Chairperson will return all applicant files, documented references, and the completed Applicant Screening Form to the Employment Services Office.  Employment Services will send notification letters to all applicants not interviewed.

6. Orientation

On the scheduled start date, the employee will attend a scheduled New Employee Orientation.  A member of the Employment Services Office will fill out all necessary paperwork with the employee then take the employee to the University Center to obtain his/her identification card and parking permit.

7. Direct Appointment and Interim Appointments

See Employee Handbook, page 18.

8. Recruitment and Screening At-A-Glance

  1. Department director/chair completes the Employment Request form; routes for approval.
  2. HR Office will place email notice, website notice and external advertisements if requested (include a purchase order or procard # for ads).
  3. Screening Committee is chosen.
  4. Employment Services office receives and processes all applications.
  5. Screening Committee reviews all applicants.
  6. Committee will call and document reference checks. Committee recommends a candidate for approval. Upon approval by Vice President and candidate acceptance, the committee Chairperson will send the Application Selection form and all applicant files to Employment Services office.
  7. Interviewees not hired are called by Committee Chairperson.

created 05/2009
revised 02/2017