Your student is about to embark on an incredible journey and will begin creating footprints that others will follow. Our premier, comprehensive, student-centered University will offer your student an outstanding education, a family-oriented atmosphere and experiences they’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Your Role

We cannot overstate the importance of your role in helping your student transition into college life. They will need your support and guidance, questions answered and expertise in the areas they are lacking. We encourage you to be all of that, but we also want to remind you to allow them to find their way and develop through trial and error. They can learn from mistakes and find ways to seek out opportunities to grow and engage, becoming young, independent leaders with bright futures. Your involvement is the key, so we want to help foster healthy, productive relationships with those who support our students. Here are a few ways you can be supportive:

  • Visit our Parent page in-depth, read our mission and check out the available resources that will help you help your student have their very own unique experience at ECU.
  • Encourage your student to become active on campus. View our list of clubs and organizations, Greek life and student government opportunities and see if there is interest. Being involved helps our student to meet new people, make new friends and provides a well-rounded education.
  • Attend events on-campus, whether it’s athletic, theatre or just a general event taking place at the university.
  • Research scholarships, including departmental, academic, legacy or those within organizations your student may be a part of.
  • Sign up for Parent Tiger Updates to receive our emails so that you know what is going on around our campus.
  • Follow our social media links.