Paper/PDF Forms

The following forms can be obtained directly from the Records Office or downloaded in PDF format via the links below. To submit the forms, you can turn in a paper copy to the Records Office or email a completed and scanned copy directly from your ECU email address. Forms will NOT be accepted via email if sent from a third party address (e.g.,,, etc.). To submit a form by email, you may send it to Please allow three business days for processing. An exception is the name change request form, which must be either faxed (580-559-5432), physically mailed, or submitted in person. Students should consult the current academic catalog for relevant academic policies. 

Name Change Request
Replacement Diploma Request
Request to Move Academic Catalog Year Forward
Readmit Student Request to Maintain Prior Catalog Year


Electronic Etrieve Forms

The following forms are not available in paper or PDF format. Students must sign-in to Etrieve and submit the form. Students unable to access Etrieve should attempt to reset their password or contact the I.T. Help Desk for assistance. Students should consult the current academic catalog for relevant academic policies. Many of the forms below are only available during certain segments of the academic term. If you do not see one of the forms below in Etrieve, it means the form is intentionally unavailable at the current time. Do not print and email Etrieve forms. The forms below will only be accepted if submitted via the Etrieve system. 

Transcript & Enrollment Verification

  • Concurrent Transcript Request (only for current high school students)
  • Transcript Request (please visit for instructions)
  • Enrollment Verification Request

Diploma Forms

  • Replacement Diploma
  • Diploma Address Change 
    • The Diploma Address Change form is ONLY for students who expect to graduate at the end of the current academic term. Other students needing to change their contact address must do so in Colleague Self-Service. Students unable to access self-service should attempt to reset their password or contact I.T. for assistance. 

Academic Forgiveness Forms

  • Academic Renewal Request
  • Academic Reprieve Request

Academic Curriculum Forms

  • Advanced Standing Exam Application
  • Degree Change (request change to major and/or minor)
  • Request for Acceptance into Certification Program
  • Course Substitution Request
  • Petition to Waive UNIV 1001

Enrollment Forms

  • Notification of Student Departure (total withdrawal from current academic term)
  • Partial Drop/Withdrawal
  • Immediate Readmit After Graduation for Continued UG Enrollment
  • Contract for Probationary Enrollment