What is the cost to visit the student health services?
No charge

Does the Student Health Services cover all medical needs?  
No, we just do acute illness/injury.  We do not manage long-term chronic health issues.  We have no ob/gyn services, no x-rays, etc.  

Do I need health insurance to get treated at Health Services?   
No, but you will need it or a method of payment if referred outside the clinic.

What if I require lab test to be performed?   
CLIA waived tests, such as FSBS, pregnancy, UA’s, mono, strep, and flu are performed in the clinic.  All other lab work is done at local labs at your cost.

What if I need a referral to a specialist?   
We will help you find a doctor and schedule an appt.

How do I handle missed class time?   
Emails will be sent to instructors.

Who may use Health Services?   
ECU students/staff and faculty

What do I do in an emergency?   
If it is a true emergency, i.e. chest pain, missing appendage, call 911

Where is the nearest Hospital?   
Mercy Hospital Ada, 2.5 miles east of the campus

What if I am sick after Health Services is closed?   
There is an urgent care center on Arlington next to Walgreen’s or an emergency room unless you have a primary care physician.

What pharmacies are near the campus, and what if I am unable to go to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription?   
Walgreens and Tradition Drug are 6 blocks from campus as is McCortney’s. You will need to arrange your own transportation to and from the pharmacy.

What immunizations are required to attend ECU?   
2 MMR’s (measles, mumps & rubella – 30 days apart), 3 hepatitis B vaccines (1 now, 1 in a month and 1 in 5 months) and meningitis if you live in campus housing.
*No immunization record required for online-only students.

How do I get an exemption for the required immunizations?   
You will need to come by health services.

Where can I get a meningitis vaccine? How much does it cost?   
At any pharmacy. Costs vary from $125 to $150 without insurance.

When will the College’s flu shot clinic occur? What will it cost?   
In the fall usually before fall break. The cost ranges from $0 to $25 depending on the cost to health services.

Can Health Services do pregnancy tests?   

Does Health Services perform STD testing?   
These tests are performed at the Health Department. 

Where can I get an athletic physical?  
These are offered by the athletic department at certain times.  If you are unable to attend, you may contact health services.

Does Health Services provide travel immunizations?   
These are provided by the State Health Department in Oklahoma City.

Does Health Services provide dental services?  
No, but we are glad to help with referrals.