What is Health Services?

Health Services is an acute care clinic for minor illness and injuries. We are staffed by two LPNs; and five ECU nursing students. We also have a physician here daily from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Appointments are necessary with our physician. All other visits are walk-ins. Health Services is here to provide the students of East Central University with confidential, quality health care at the onset of illness or injury and educate students regarding the prevention of and protection from disease. Student fees cover the cost of visits. Health Services hours are Monday-Thursday 8:00am-5: 00 pm and Friday 8:00am-4: 00 pm. We stop taking patients 30 minutes before closing.

What should my child do if injured or feeling ill?

They can stop by Health Services located in Memorial Student Union Building, Room 137A (between the bookstore and cafeteria) to be evaluated. If they are seriously ill, we might refer them to the hospital or an off-campus specialist.

What does confidential care mean?

If students are over age 18, it means that we cannot tell you about their health care unless we have written permission from the student. Parents cannot schedule appointments in our office, for students. Have your child come by or call 559-5713 to make an appointment.

Does Health Services administer medication?

Students who arrive at East Central University with prescription medications keep those medications with them in their residence hall rooms. Our physician can prescribe medications as needed. Health Services also has some over-the-counter medications (ibuprofen, Claritin, cough drops, etc).

Should I send first-aid supplies?

Each student should come with some knowledge of how you treated their minor medical problems before you took them to a physician. Hydration is very important. There are a few basic health care supplies and equipment you might wish to send.

Basic Health Care Supplies Students Should Bring to Campus:

· First aid kit containing band-aids, antibiotic ointment, acetaminophen, ibuprofen and cold medication.

· Digital thermometer

· Chemical cold pack to keep in freezer to reduce swelling.

· Chemical warm pack to heat in microwave for muscle ache.

What should my child do after the clinic has closed?

They can visit an After Hours clinic or ER depending on the nature of illness/injury.

After Hour Clinics:

Urgent Care of Ada

1023 Arlington, Ada



Local Hospital/ER:

Mercy Hospital

430 N. Monte Vista, Ada



Chickasaw Nation Medical Center

1921 Stonecipher Blvd, Ada (580) 436-3980


What should my child do if they have a question about health, lifestyle, diet or are just stressed out?

Health Services provides acute care, including health education. Our professional staff can answer questions, examine or test on site, counsel on diet and weight management, or refer to an outside specialist if needed.

If you think that there is something serious going on or you have important information to share, please call us. We would encourage you to have your child call us directly to arrange an appointment.

Sometimes we make a referral to the Counseling Center on campus when a student is psychologically stressed, or students can call the Counseling Center directly at 559-5714 to make an appointment.

Can my child get allergy injections at Health Services?


If my child needs “blood work” can Health Services do this?

Yes. You will need to make an appointment with our physician so that he can assess the lab needs. The student can get blood work done at Mercy Hospital or DLO here in Ada at the student’s expense. ECU Health Services is not responsible for student’s medical bills.