Why Join a Sorority or Fraternity?

Since the founding of the first fraternity in 1776, sororities and fraternities have helped college students throughout North America develop strong networks of support on campus and beyond. Joining a sorority or fraternity will help enhance your collegiate experience by providing support and resources to help your academic, leadership, and social development skills.  Research shows that students who develop a sense of belonging and a connection to their college community are more likely to graduate from college. Joining a fraternity or sorority is an excellent way to make that connection and to find your place at East Central University. Our Greek system has a place for everyone, so no matter what your interests are, you can find a home in East Central University's Greek system.  Scroll through this page and look at a couple reasons to go Greek!  Don't hesitate to contact us at greeks@ecok.edu with anymore questions you may have!

Greek Family!

Joining a Fraternity or Sorority means becoming part of a family. Greek brothers and sisters provide a "home away from home" for ECU students that offers support and guidance. 

Leaders on Campus!

Greeks take leadership seriously.  While most Greek members hold a position within their chapter, members are required to join another student organization.  Over 18% of Student Organization Presidents are Greeks!

Lend a Helping Hand!

Each semester, members of the Greek community complete hundreds of hours of community service and raise thousands of dollars for charity.  During Greek Week alone, the Greek System raised over $1800 for the Ada Boys and Girls Club.

We Have Connections!

Greek life is a great way to meet leaders both on campus and throughout the country!  Many Greek organizations support professional networking opportunities that allow for their members to meet with Fortune 500 executives, U.S. Congress men and women, or top level athletes. 

Great Memories to Last a Lifetime!

ECU Greeks know how to have responsible fun and maintain a balance between their academics and social events. Socials, formals, Greek Week and Homecoming are just a few activities offered for great times at East Central University!


Brotherhood and Sisterhood are bonds of unity and enduring friendship. By becoming a member of the ECU Greek community, you can experience an easier transition from high school to college and gain a “home away from home.” You will meet other students with diverse backgrounds, similar interests, and new perspectives during some of the brotherhood and sisterhood activities such as chapter retreats, intramurals, socials and date functions.

What are the costs associated with joining a fraternity or sorority?

The cost of membership varies from chapter to chapter.  Most say that it is comparable to a semester's books.  In general, the first semester of membership is the most expensive because of one time New Member/ Membership Intake fees. Several chapters at ECU offer payment plans and scholarships for members who need financial assistance. Each individual has different financial obligations associated with membership and Potential New Members are encouraged to ask questions about any other fees outside of dues that you will be expected to pay once initiated.

Where exactly is my money going?

 It varies from chapter to chapter, however the most common places your money goes:

  • Member Development
  • National Leadership Conferences
  • National fees and obligations
  • Membership Recruitment
  • Service projects
  • Sisterhood/Brotherhood activities
  • Special events

Additional costs may arise from time to time for t-shirts, activities, or special events.  Don't be afraid to ask specific chapters what their dues are and what the money goes to.  All organizations are completely open with their finances and do not want you to feel surprised or confused about the cost of going Greek.

Go Tigers and Go Greek!