STEP 1: Schedule a Campus Tour

Schedule your tour today to see our beautiful campus with family and friends.

STEP 2: Take the ACT/SAT

Prospective students can take either the National or Residual ACT or the SAT.

STEP 3: Apply to ECU

Apply for freshmen admission to ECU beginning August 1.


Complete the FREE Application for student aid beginning October 1. ECU FAFSA Code is 003154.

STEP 5: Senior Day

ECU’s Senior Day is set aside in November for High School Seniors who are interested in becoming ECU Tigers.

STEP 6: Early Scholarship Deadline

Apply to ECU by December 15 to be considered for early scholarship awards.

STEP 7: ECU Foundation Scholarship

ECU Foundation scholarships are available for all incoming freshmen. Priority Applications due February 1.

Oklahoma's Promise offers qualified Oklahoma high school students an opportunity to earn a scholarship for free college tuition. 


  • Must be an Oklahoma resident.
  • Must enroll in the 8th, 9th or 10th grade.
  • The parents' federal adjusted gross income must not exceed $55K per year.

Click now to get more information and to apply!

Oklahoma Promise




Orange%20Check%20Mark.pngMonitor Your Grades

  • Schedule a meeting with the high school counselor to see what required classes you still need to take. Check on your class rank and your GPA. Even if your grades haven’t been that good so far, it’s never too late to improve. You want to have the best GPA possible when trying to enter into college.


Orange%20Check%20Mark.pngSpecial Requirements

  • If you want to play Division I or II sports in college, start the certification process and check with your counselor to make sure you’re taking a core curriculum that meets NCAA requirements.


Orange%20Check%20Mark.pngResearch Colleges

  • Take advantage of college fairs, campus visits and speak with college representatives who visit your high school; Research colleges using an online college finder and try to narrow your choices.


Orange%20Check%20Mark.pngPrepare for Testing

  • Figure out when you’ll be taking important tests like the SAT and ACT and mark the dates on your calendar. Learn the score requirements for the school(s) you wish to attend. You’ll want to have plenty of time to test prep and prepare. You should plan to test 2-3 times during your high school career.


Orange%20Check%20Mark.pngExplore Major Options

  • Choosing the right major is very important in deciding what you’d like to do in the future. Research colleges that have the major and or career you’re interested in.


Orange%20Check%20Mark.pngSearch Scholarships

  • There are lots of scholarships out there, but it takes effort to find them. Meet with your high school counselor and ask about scholarships from local organizations and use online scholarship search tools for an array of options. Start your search early so that it’s easier to apply during senior year.


Orange%20Check%20Mark.pngMake a College List

  • Your list of colleges should include schools that meet your most important criteria (for example, size, location, cost, academic majors, or special programs). Weigh each of the factors according to their importance to you and develop a preliminary ranking of the schools on your list.


Orange%20Check%20Mark.pngConsider Concurrent

  • As a high school junior or senior, you can enroll in college as a Concurrent Student in an Oklahoma College or University and take up to six hours per semester, paid for by the State. For most Oklahoma high schools, students can receive dual credit for the college courses they take in high school.







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