The Kinesiology Department at ECU offers one Advanced Standing Exam (ASE). That exam is offered for a student who needs First Aid for their degree plan, but already has a current First Aid/CPR Card.

KIN 2273: First Aid ($15 fee)

  • Course Description: Immediate and temporary treatment for accidental injuries, sudden illness, traumatic shock, and thermal burns. Major emphasis is placed on CPR, artificial respiration, transporting injured persons from one location to another, immobilization of suspected fractures, and poison control. Also included are mental health considerations as related to sickness, injury, and stress management.
  • Students interested in taking the First Aid exam must possess a current CPR and First Aid card from either the Red Cross, American Heart Association, or other recognized organization approved by the Kinesiology department chair.

Kinesiology ASE Knowledge Level
You are taking a Kinesiology ASE for First Aid under the assumption that you currently possess the knowledge necessary to pass the course. Passing the ASE demonstrates that you possess that knowledge and do not need to take the course. Therefore you shouldn't need a study guide to pass a comprehensive examination over the subject matter. Study guides are NOT provided.

Kinesiology ASE Dates
Once the paperwork has been completed, the student will arrange a date and time to take the exam with Lead KIN First Aid Instructor Matt McGaha, KIN 119, 580-559-5969,

Kinesiology ASE Testing Protocol

  1. Students will be required to bring a photo I.D.
  2. Students will be required to bring their Advanced Standing Examination Grade Report.
  3. Students will be required to bring a Scantron and No. 2 pencil to the exam.
  4. Students will be given 50 minutes to take each exam.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Must be enrolled in ECU undergraduate courses.
  2. Cannot have successfully completed the course.
  3. Cannot have attempted this exam previously.
  4. Must complete one application form for each exam.
  5. Application form must be completed and submitted to Records Office prior to taking the exam

If you are interested in taking one of the Kinesiology Advanced Standing Exams, you will need to do the following:

  1. Pick-up the Application Form for Advanced Standing Examination from the Records Office (Adm. 111).
  2. Records will complete Step I on the form.
  3. The student will obtain the necessary signatures for Step II on the form, and meet with KIN Department Chair Dr. Prather (Kinesiology Building, Room 111) to get his signature.
  4. The student will take the Application Form for Advanced Standing Examination form to the Bursar’s Office (Adm. 107) and pay the appropriate fee for the test ($5 per credit hour). The fee must be paid before the exam may be taken. The Bursar’s Office will complete Step III and provide the student with a receipt.
  5. The student will take the form and proof of payment back to the Records Office (Adm. 111) where Step IV will be completed  The student will receive an Advanced Standing Examination Grade Report. The student will keep this form and present it when they take the exam. (ONLY ONE FORM WILL BE ISSUED. DO NOT LOSE THE ORIGINAL.)
  6. On the day of the exam the student will bring, 1) a photo I.D., 2) their Advanced Standing Examination Grade Report form, 3) a  No. 2 pencil and a Scantron for each test they are taking, and 4) the student will be allowed 50 minutes per test.
  7. Once the test has been graded, the KIN department chair will return the Advanced Standing Examination Grade Report form with the exam grade to the Records Office. The Records Office will email the student to notify them of the grade on the exam, either Pass or Fail.