Follow these Easy Steps to Apply for Graduation

*Click HERE for step by step instructions (pdf).

  1.  Complete the Master's Degree Application

    • Online available through MyECU.

    • Go to your Student Tab.

    • On the left side menu, you will need to locate and click on the Master's Degree Application. (Apply Only Once)

    • Make sure you are applying for the correct degree.

      • If you apply to the wrong program or change your program you must complete a Request for Change in Degree Option Form.

      • The form can be found by clicking HERE or by going to the Graduate Studies Resources and Forms website page, HERE. (Login to MyECU before filling out the form)

    • Make sure you are applying for graduation in the correct semester.

      • Make sure to fill out the diploma application for the semester that you are completing your coursework and not for the semester that you are Participating in commencement.

      • Those completing a degree in May or July will walk in the spring ceremony in May.

      • Those completing a degree in December will walk in the December commencement.

    • Be sure to list your name as you want it to appear on your diploma.

      • You may add middle and maiden names as you wish.

      • It is NOT recommended to use nicknames.

    • Check your permanent address where your diploma will be mailed if not picked up.

      • If you wish to change your permanent address you must request the change with the Records Office by completing the Diploma Address Change Form, HERE.

    • In order for your name to appear in the program, you must have filled out the Master's Degree Application by the application deadline listed below.

  2. Students with Electives (Secondary Education – Academic Discipline - 0834, Human Resources - 0891, Psychological Services - 0860) or 2nd Masters degrees MUST complete a Program Checksheet with their advisor.

    • See the bottom of this page for Program Checksheets.

    • Meet with your advisor to get approval with a signature from your advisor.

    • Turn your approved form into the School of Graduate Studies.

    • Make sure that your Student ID# is on your approved Program Checksheet before turning in your form.

  3. Substitutions

    • Complete a Substitution form with your advisor for any course that will be taken that is not on your Program Checksheet and make sure that it is on file with the School of Graduate Studies Office.

  4. Transfer Work

    • Make sure that an official transcript with grades posted is on file and has been recorded on your ECU transcript by the Records Office.

    • Complete a Substitution form with your advisor and make sure that it is on file with the School of Graduate Studies Office.

  5. Check Student Email Account

    • Check your ECU student email frequently and stay in communication with your advisor and the School of Graduate Studies.

    • All communication about graduation will be done through your student email only.

  6. Pay the graduation fee of $75 to the Bursar’s Office. 

    • Mail your payment directly to the Bursar’s Office.

    • Make sure to clarify that the money is for the graduation fee.

    • The fee is due when applying for graduation.

      • If your graduation fee is not paid, it will keep you from getting your transcripts or your diploma once the degree has been posted.

Note: Candidates who submit applications after the deadline will still be able to participate in the commencement ceremony.

Important Dates


Spring 2020

Summer 2020

Fall 2020

Spring 2021

Summer 2021

Fall 2021

Application Available

November 1, 2019

February 1, 2020

March 15, 2020

November 1, 2020

February 1, 2021

March 12, 2021

Application Deadline

January 27, 2020

April 10, 2020

August 30, 2020

January 25, 2021

April 9, 2021



December 12, 2020 at TBD

December 12, 2020 at TBD

December 12, 2020 at 10 am

May 8, 2021 at 2 pm

May 8, 2021 at 2 pm


Commencement Information

  1. Candidates who are approved to graduate by the School of Graduate Studies Office after the deadline will not have their name listed in the commencement program.

  2. The graduation fee if not already paid, is due by the end of the semester. The fee for Master candidates is $75.00. Mail your payment directly to the Bursar's Office and clarify that the money is for the graduation fee. Do not send the payment to the School of Graduate Studies or the Records Office.

    • ATTENTION: Your graduation fee is not included in your tuition and must be paid separately. Until this fee is paid you cannot receive your diploma or transcripts.

  3. You may pick up your cap and gown from the ECU Bookstore. Graduation announcements may also be purchased at the ECU bookstore.

  4. Candidates who need special accommodations for the ceremony because of a physical condition should contact the School of Graduate Studies or Records Office as soon as possible.

  5. Commencement exercises for Master's candidates will be held in the Kerr Activity Center. The ceremony will take place for ALL students completing degree requirements.

    • Master's Candidates should report to the ECU Cafeteria before the ceremony at the south end (behind the partitions). Instructions relating to the exercises are given at that time. PLEASE BE ON TIME.

    • For directions to the cafeteria, please contact the School of Graduate Studies or the Records Office.

    • In case of heavy rain, meet in Room 202 Kerr Activity Center. You will be notified of the change by your student email account. Signs will also be posted in the cafeteria.

    • Please report to the Master's candidates name card table when you arrive.

  6. We encourage you to wear comfortable, yet professional, dress attire under your gown rather than casual clothing to ensure that our graduates represent themselves and ECU with the utmost respectability.

  7. Honors cords and organizational sashes are allowed. Since Master's students are required to hold a 3.00-4.00 GPA, there is NOT an honors cord.

  8. You can bring your hood and we will help you put it on correctly.

  9. Do not bring personal items with you. You will not be allowed to carry any items during the ceremony. They will be collected and taken to the Records Office for pick up immediately following the ceremony. In the case of cold weather or drizzle, a table will be available for coats and umbrellas as you enter the stairs at Kerr Center.

  10. Master's candidates will receive their degrees as a group prior to the bachelor's candidates. Please be prepared to participate in the entire ceremony. Candidates should not leave until the commencement exercises are completed in their entirety.

     * Attendance at commencement exercises is expected of all candidates, but is not mandatory.

For more information about the graduation ceremony, please check the Records Office Graduation Page.

Degree checksheets are in PDF format and will open in a new browser window.  Select the appropriate checksheet beginning the year of continuous enrollment.

Master of Education

Elementary Education - 0800

    2014-2015    2015-2016

Reading - 0820

   2014-2015    2015-2016

Secondary Education - 0830

    2014-2015    2015-2016

Secondary Education - Educational Technology - 0832

    * If you started the program in Fall 2017 see Instructional Design & Technology - 1040

    2014-2015    2015-2016    2016-2017

Secondary Education - Sports Administration - 0833

    * If you started the program in Fall 2017 see Sports Administration - 1050

    2014-2015    2015-2016    2016-2017

Secondary Education - Academic Discipline - 0834

    2014-2015    2015-2016    2016-2017    2017-2018    2018-2019    2019-2020

School Counseling - 0843

    2014-2015    2015-2016    2016-2017    2017-2018    2018-2019    2019-2020

Special Education - 0850

    2014-2015    2015-2016    2016-2017    2017-2018    2018-2019    2019-2020

Library Media - 0900

    2014-2015    2015-2016    2016-2017    2017-2018    2018-2019    2019-2020

Educational Leadership - 0980

   2014-2015    2015-2016    2016-2017    2017-2018    2018-2019    2019-2020

Instructional Design & Technology - 1040

    2017-2018    2018-2019    2019-2020

Sports Administration - 1050

    2017-2018    2018-2019    2019-2020

School Psychometry - 1060

    2018-2019    2019-2020

Master in Management

Management - 1020

    2016-2017    2017-2018    2018-2019    2019-2020

Master of Science in Accounting

Accounting - 0970

    2014-2015    2015-2016    2016-2017    2017-2018    2018-2019    2019-2020

Master of Science in Human Resources

Human Resources Track A - 0891

    2014-2015    2015-2016    2016-2017    2017-2018    2018-2019    2019-2020

Human Resources Track B - 0891

    2014-2015    2015-2016    2016-2017    2017-2018    2018-2019    2019-2020

Clinical Mental Health Counseling - 0892

    2014-2015    2015-2016

Clinical Rehabilitation and Clinical Mental Health Counseling - 0894

    2014-2015    2015-2016    2016-2017    2017-2018    2018-2019    2019-2020

Criminal Justice - 0895

    2014-2015    2015-2016    2016-2017    2017-2018    2018-2019

Certificate in Human Resources Addictions Counseling - 0990

    2014-2015    2015-2016    2016-2017    2017-2018    2018-2019    2019-2020

Master of Science in Psychological Services

Counseling Psychology - 0860

    * Formally Named: Track A - Community/Clinical Psychology

    2014-2015    2015-2016    2016-2017    2017-2018    2018-2019    2019-2020

School Psychology - 0861

    * Formally Named: Track B - School

    2014-2015    2015-2016    2016-2017    2017-2018    2018-2019

Sport Psychology - 0862

    2017-2018    2018-2019    2019-2020

School Psychologist Certificate - 1000

    2015-2016    2016-2017    2017-2018    2018-2019

School Psychometrist Certificate - 1010

    2015-2016    2016-2017    2017-2018    2018-2019    2019-2020

Master of Science in Water Resource Policy and Management

Water Resource Policy and Management - 1030

    2016-2017    2017-2018    2018-2019    2019-2020