Alvin Cradduck and Pansy Cradduck Fund

Established in 2019 by the last will and testament of Pansy Cradduck Bates, the Alvin Cradduck and Pansy Cradduck fund exists to aid and assist junior and senior level students who cannot continue their enrollment due to an outstanding financial bill owed to East Central University, but who would be otherwise eligible to re-enroll. 

The assistance from this fund would reduce their outstanding bill to the minimum amount established by the University to allow students to re-enroll.  An individual may receive assistance from this fund for one semester only and one-time only. 

Applying does not ensure that funds will be issued.  ECU Foundation employees with assistance from the Bursar and Financial Aid Offices will determine whether funds are to be issued.  

It is not expected that students will repay these funds.  However, students are encourage to "pay it forward" in the future or when they are able.  

To apply for assistance from the Alvin Cradduck and Pansy Cradduck Fund please call the ECU Foundation @ 580-559-5655 or email