Expressive Speech Annual Report


East Central University Professional Development First Amendment, Expressive Speech, and 70 O.S. §2120

Part 1: State Law

  • Passed in the 2019 Oklahoma Legislature, signed by the Governor, effective August 30, 2019. Available online.
  • In brief, the law requires that, on Oklahoma public colleges and universities campuses, the campus community and the public may use unrestricted accessible outdoor space for non-commercial expressive activities because this space is now designated by this statute a traditional public forum. As such, this space can be used unless it materially and substantially disrupts the functioning of the University subject to non-discriminatory time, place, and manner restrictions.
  • This law is consistent with historical federal guidance regarding 1st Amendment protected events on this issue, but also requires:
    • New University policy
    • New training for faculty, staff, and students
    • Annual report to the Governor and Legislature
      • Posted on university webpage
    • Notification of lawsuits


Part 2: University Policy

  • In accordance with the state law, ECU has developed a policy which addresses the bolded key terms above. The policy is available on the website.
  • Take time to review the time, place, and manner restrictions.


Part 3: Expectations

  • Guide outdoor visitors to the correct resources on the website.
  • Greet outdoor expressive speech visitors with a Visitor Information Card and introduce yourself.


Part 4: Additional Helpful Information

  • The University designates the following indoor facilities as unavailable for Expressive Activity: administrative offices, laboratories, and (during instructional hours) classrooms.
  • The public may reserve these indoor campus facilities: Chickasaw Business and Conference Center, Hallie Brown Ford Fine Arts Center, University Center, Student Union, Boswell Chapel and some athletic facilities. Requests should be made at .
  • The public and ECU employees may reserve outdoor space by contacting the Office of Student Develop at 580-559-5940 or
  • ECU students may reserve both indoor and outdoor space by completing ECU Event Facilities Request Form at
  • The campus community and the public may use generally accessible outdoor areas for non-commercial expressive activities on a first come, first served basis without giving prior notice if the activity does not materially and substantially disrupt the function of the University, as defined by state law.
  • Time, place and manner restrictions are in effect. Please read the policy in its entirety. Examples include:
    • No items may be attached in any manner to trees, bushes, benches, light poles, buildings, vehicles, or permanent signs
    • Non-commercial pamphlets, handbills, fliers, and other written materials may be distributed on a person-to-person basis in open areas outside of building if done in a way to avoid substantial littering on the campus.