Introduction and General Statement

The purpose of these policies and procedures is to inform University personnel of the services available and the procedures to use in requesting service. The East Central University (ECU) Motor Pool is located in the Bill S. Cole University Center and is under the direction of Facilities Coordinator/Motor Pool Director.

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of the Motor Pool is to provide the following support to all University departments, and authorized faculty and staff.

ECU Motor Pool vehicle responsibilities include:

  1. All reservations are handled by the Motor Pool Director.
  2. Maintenance and repairs are administered through Facilities Management.
  3. Inventory is administered by the Motor Pool Director whose line of administrative responsibility is through the Executive Vice President of Administration and Finance.
  4. The President and/or Executive Vice President for Administration and Finance reserves the right to grant or deny the use of University vehicles.
  5. The reservation holder is responsible for operating the vehicle reserved, with the exception of the ECU activity bus. Due to licensing requirements, a university assigned driver will be provided with the use of an activity bus. Drivers are not provided with the sedans, vans, expeditions, or mini buses. 

Motor Pool Rules and Regulations 

1.0     Approved Uses


  1. ECU Motor Pool vehicles may only be used in the performance of official duties that support the University’s mission. They may not be used for private purposes, including transportation to and from the employee's place of residence. Motor Pool vehicles must be returned to the Motor Pool immediately upon completion of the trip.
  2. Passengers shall not be incluced or transported in ECU Motor Pool vehicles unless they are on University business.
  3. For additional information regarding Motor Pool fleet vehicle usage, please reference the officical rules in The Oklahoma Administrative Code and the Oklahoma Register, as required by Title 75, Sections 250-323 of the Oklahoma Statutes. To order an official copy of these rules, please contact the Office of Administrative Rules at (405) 521-4911. 

1.1    Eligible Drivers


  1. All persons operating University-owned vehicles must be University employees, and all must have a valid driver's license appropriate for the vehicle class being driven. A copy of their driver’s licence must be on file with the Motor Pool office prior to a unviersty vehicle assignment. 
  • The only driver's licenses allowed are those recognized by the State of Oklahoma and Oklahoma law enforcement agencies. 
  • Driver’s licenses issued by any state within the United States and those issued by the country of origin for international students are allowed.
  1. Student employees, 18 years or older, may operate a University motor vehicle in the course of their employment, so long as they hold a valid Oklahoma driver’s license or a valid driver's license issued by their state of residence or country (see above), unless they are operating a mini bus with more than 12 passengers.
  2. Drivers transporting passengers in vehicles holding 12 or more passengers must:
  •  Be 21 years of age or older.
  •  Hold the appropriate licensing endorsement for the class type of vehicle being driven.
  • Be familiar with the class type of vehicle being driven.
  • Have completed any orientation required by the University (to include a driving test) for the vehicle driven.
  • Have written approval of the President and/or Executive Vice President of Administration and Finance. 

1.2     Vehicle Usage Information

  1. The driver must familiarize themseves with the operation of the vehicle (location of lights, turn signals, etc.) before begining the journey. 
  2. Safety comes first! Seat belts are required and must be worn at all times by everyone in the vehicle! 
  3. The dirver must follow and obey all traffic laws and speed limits while also driving in a defensive driving manner.
  4. Courtesy does count. The driver’s actions behind the wheel of a univervisty Motor Pool vehicle are a direct reflection on ECU as they are operating the vehicle in the scope of business for the university and are therefore representatives of ECU.
  5. Pursuant to changes to the State of Oklahoma Constitution, NO TEXTING devices may be used while operating and/or driving a Motor Pool vehicle, a vehicle leased from a rental company and used for University business, or a personal vehicle being driven on official University business. The driver may not use these devices at any time while the engine has been turned on and the vehicle located on the roadway - whether moving or temporarily stationary due to traffic lights, congestion, or other delays. Strict adherence to this law will be enforced and failure to comply will result in the loss of Motor Pool privileges.

1.3     Reserving and Picking Up Vehicles

  1. Prior to departure, the person scheduled to operate the vehicle must complete the Pre-Approval Travel form and have it signed by budget supervisor, Department Chair/Director, and Vice President if required. This form is located on the myECU website: under ECU INFORMATION > Administration & Finance > Purchasing > Forms, Policies, and Procedures > Travel.
  2. Prior to departure, it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure a copy of their valid driver’s license is on file with the Motor Pool office.
  3. ECU Motor Pool vehicles are reserved at the Information Desk in the Bill S. Cole University Center under the direction of the Facilities Coordinator/Motor Pool Director (Extension 741). They are on a first-come first served basis, with priority given to the athletic department due to scheduling compliance with NCAA rules and regulations. 
  4. The driver must pick up and return the vehicle on time. Please keep the Motor Pool office informed if coming in early to pick up the vehicle or running late upon returning it.
  5. If the driver’s trip departure is before regular office hours, the key packet must be picked up the day before the trip prior to the Motor Pool office closing.

1.4    Returning Vehicles

Before returning to the Motor Pool, the driver must:

  1. Return the vehicle with a full tank of gas. Write the vehicle number and odometer reading on the fuel receipt.
  2. Park the vehicle in the designated space in the Motor Pool lot. The space number is located on the reservation sheet inside the key packet.
  3. Record the odometer reading on trip sheet located inside the key packet.
  4. Remove all trash and personal items! The Motor Pool is not responsible for items left in vehicles.
  5. Lock the vehicle doors!
  6. Return the vehicle key(s), credit cards, all receipts, and key packet to the Motor Pool office during business hours.

1.5     Damage to University Vehicles

Drivers must take reasonable and proper care of Motor Pool vehicles while in their possession. Vehicles are serviced on a regular basis but drivers should note any mechanical problems with the engine or operation of the vehicle and immediately report them to the Motor Pool upon return of the vehicle. Damage to vehicles which is deemed operator negligence will be charged to the department responsible for the use of the vehicle. It is the duty of the Motor Pool Director to inspect all returning vehicles for any damage upon return.

1.6     Repairs and Service to Motor Pool Vehicles

All purchases of parts and/or for labor of emergency repairs must be reported immediately to the Motor Pool Director upon the return of the vehicle.

1.7     Vehicle Equipment

The equipment installed on University vehicles may not be changed or altered in any way. Speaker systems, banners, bumper or window stickers, vehicle advertising “wraps’, magnets, signage, radio antennas, spotlights, etc., will NOT be displayed on a University vehicle unless it is part of the regular equipment or if specific written approval has been obtained from the Motor Pool office.

1.8     Fueling

The driver must refuel the Motor Pool vehicle. Please write the vehicle number and the odometer reading on the gasoline receipt before placing all receipts in the key packet. This assists in the required reporting fuel usage to the State of Oklahoma.

1.9     Accidents

Accidents involving University-owned vehicles MUST be investigated by the proper police agency having jurisdiction where the accident occurred. Procedures for handling accidents and all necessary forms are supplied with each Motor Pool vehicle. Responsibility for proper reporting of vehicle accidents rests completely with the vehicle driver. All accident claims are processed through Risk Management and must be in compliance with OAC 580:25, Subchapter 9 (Driver and Vehicle Safety Standards for Motor Vehicle Operations).

1.10     Transportation of Pets

NO pets are allowed to be transported in any of the University-owned vehicles, with the exception of approved services animals.

1.11     Available Vehicles

The following vehicles are currently available through the ECU Motor Pool:

Vehicle Type


Maximum Number of Occupants, Including Driver

ADA Accessible Mini Bus


15 or 2 wheel chairs and 8

Mini Bus with Storage



Mini Bus without Storage






Ford Expedition



Mini Van



Activity Bus (Driver Provided)