• Write down the exact time the call was received and the time you disconnected.
  • Pay particular attention to the voice qualities of the caller, any notable background noises, or possible clues to the caller's location; and, finally, get as much information from the caller as possible concerning details of the bomb threat i.e., THE BUILDING AFFECTED, TIME SET TO GO OFF, ETC.
  • Call ECU Police immediately, 580-332-3875, 580-559-5555, or Ext. 555, and give bomb threat information to the dispatcher.
  • If possible, try to remember the name of the party you spoke to on the phone prior to receiving the threatening call.
  • Write caller's name down and location of the call, if known.
  • More importantly, secure the information about the first IN-COMING CALLER AFTER the bomb threat call. Record the time of the call. Ask the person his/her name and location of caller and telephone number.
  • If the threat is by written note, handle the note as little as possible and keep it secure for subsequent police use.


Questions to Ask
When is the bomb going to explode?
Where is the bomb right now?
What kind of bomb is it?
What does it look like?
Why did you place the bomb?
What is your name?
Exact Wording of Caller:_________

Impression of Caller
Young Adult?
Older Adult?
Exact Time of Call:_________ (a.m. or p.m.?)

Your Information
Your Name:
Your DOB:
Your Department:
Your Phone:

Report threat to East Central University Police Department immediately! 580-332-3875, 580-310-5555, or 911

Caller's Voice
____Low Pitch
____Clearing Throat
____Deep Breathing
____Cracking Voice
____High Pitch 
Is voice familiar? _____ Yes _____ No

Background Noise
____Street Noise
____Factory machinery
____Animal Noises
____PA System
____House noises
____Long Distance
____Office Machinery
____Other (please specify): _______________