The goal is to maintain calm and order and not disrupt the classroom or office area any more than necessary. ECU students will not be alerted unless necessary.


  • Faculty/Staff should stop any stranger and inquire as to his/her business in the building. If not there on "normal" school business, the ECU Police should be called immediately with a description of the individual.
  • If in a classroom, call the ECU Police. If shots are fired, evacuate the students to the safest position away from the intruder, and notify Campus Police immediately.

SIGNALS: Call the ECU Police at Ext. 316 or 580-332-3875 and advise "The intruder is in room #____. Update with a new location if intruder moves.

Depending on the situation, the ECU Police will take appropriate action.

  • When Campus Police is called, inform them if there is a weapon.
  • Try to give a description of the person by noting clothing, gender, race etc.
  • Take students into protected classrooms.
  • Check restrooms and vacant rooms.
  • Lock classroom doors with keys if possible.
  • Move students away from doors and glass.

The following are guidelines to be used for emergency lock down.

  • Persons (chairpersons/custodians) with a door lock-down responsibility will go immediately to the doors and take the steps needed to assure that they are secure.
  • Students who are outside will be directed to go to the nearest building by a staff member who can see them. They are to remain there until an "All Clear" signal is given.