If an individual has reasons to believe, either by direct knowledge or a report from another person, that someone on the ECU campus is in any danger, report the situation immediately. The following procedures should be followed. Individuals should also take steps to ensure and maintain their own safety when helping others.

  • If an individual has threatened or displayed a cluster of alarming warning signs, appears to have a plan, or is in imminent danger and requires intervention, do not leave the individual alone and dial 911 or contact ECU Police at 580-559-5555. If it feels unsafe to remain in the situation, remove yourself to a safe location and immediately contact 911 or the ECU Police.
  • After the immediate crisis has been resolved, ECU administration or other appropriate personnel shall meet to evaluate the situation and decide on an appropriate role for the University to take in assisting the individual.
  • Confidentiality shall be maintained throughout these procedures. 

For more information on crisis prevention, intervention, or postvention, please see the Guidelines for Crisis Intervention at East Central University.