***The fire alarm is to be sounded in the event of any smoke or fire.***

Signal: The continuous ringing of the fire alarm.

In the case of a loss of electrical power, the signal will be voice directions of a staff member or housing personnel.

What to do if you discover a fire:

  • Sound vocal and mechanical alarms.
  • Report fire to Ada Fire Department and ECU Police Department.
  • Give building name
  • Give your name.
  • Leave the building and do not re-enter until the "all clear" is given by the Ada Fire Department.

Steps of Action

  • Report fire by calling 911
  • Pull alarm.
  • Take class list of students.
  • Make room check of all resident hall rooms.
  • Close all windows and doors to confine fire.
  • Use closest exit for evacuation, use enclosed stairwells if available.
  • Evacuate to at least 500 feet from the building. Completely evacuate building even if alarm goes off before you are out of the building.
  • Faculty will double check room and offices and housing personnel will check residence halls to ensure total evacuation.
  • Restrooms, hallways and unoccupied rooms will be checked by a custodian or police.
  • Pre-plan for evacuation for disabled persons.

Personnel Roles
Staff and Faculty: Supervise evacuation and check for injuries. Assign roles to auxiliary persons as needed. Check restrooms and labs. (Call 911 if necessary).