The graduate program for the Master of Education, Secondary Education- Academic Discipline Option is designed to provide eighteen (18) hours of secondary content specialization to meet the demand for highly qualified teachers for secondary public schools and to provide content area graduate level courses for specialization for those who desire to teach at the junior college level. Special attention is given to the development of the student as a consumer of research along with an emphasis on the specific content area of knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

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Degree checksheets are in PDF format and will open in a new browser window.  Select the appropriate checksheet beginning the year of continuous enrollment.

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Degree Program Number:  0834
Advisor:  Dr. Jessica Koch
Location:  204 B Education Building
Phone:  580.559.5166

Financial Aid Regulations for Graduate Students

Students, please be advised that the courses you choose to enroll in MUST be a required course or an elective course in your degree program. Financial Aid regulations dictate that any graduate student who is seeking financial aid must be enrolled in AT LEAST five (5) credit hours during the fall, spring, or summer semester and the courses MUST be in the degree program.

* Certificate Programs do not qualify for financial aid.