The following guidelines have been established to accommodate ECU students who have special disability-related needs that may impact their on-campus housing.

Procedure Statement
Priority housing requests based on medical, psychological, or other disability-related needs are initiated by completing the Housing Accommodation packet and submitting it to Testing and Accessibility Services (TAS). Upon submission, students requesting housing accommodations must also formally register with TAS. TAS and Housing and Residence Life will review requests on a case by case basis. Decisions are based upon availability of the requested housing arrangement, along with the respective needs of all applicants. Documentation of a special need or disability does not guarantee that your request will be approved. This request is only for housing accommodations at ECU related to the functional/imitations associated with your disability. Additional information will likely be needed before academic accommodation can be provided. Please contact TAS for additional information.

Please complete the following three forms and submit to Testing and Accessibility Services. These forms, including the text on this page, is available in printable PDF form here.

  1. Student-completed form: "Housing Accommodation Request".
  2. Student- or parent-completed form: "Permission for Release of Information".
  3. Student- and Physician/Professional-completed "Documentation of Disability-Related Need for Housing Accommodation" form with requested information on letterhead.

Application Process

  1. Submit the completed Housing Accommodation Packet to the Testing and Accessibility Services office.
  2. Testing and Accessibility Services reviews Housing Accommodation Packet.
  3. Testing and Accessibility Services sends a letter to the student notifying him/her of the outcome of the review.

This request is only for housing accommodations at ECU related to the functional limitations associated with this student's disability. Need for academic accommodations must be documented separately. Please contact OS for additional information.

Submit to:
Kim Rogers, Director
Testing and Accessibility Services
Fentem Hall 301
1100 East 14th Street PMB S-35
Ada, OK 74820-6999
580-559-5294 (fax)

Revised: August 15, 2019

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Kim Rogers, Director
Tiffany Smith
Accommodation Specialist
Fentem Hall, Room 302
1100 East 14th Street, PMB S-35
Ada, OK 74820
580-559-5294 (fax)