Acts of Aggression
East Central University has many potential terrorist targets. An attack on any of these vulnerable areas could cause major damage to University property and widespread casualty situations. Emergency personnel must be prepared for the possibility of an act of violence against ECU population and property. All employees and students are encouraged to report any suspicious behavior to the ECU Police for investigation.

Warning System

  1. The Campus Police will contact all Emergency Operations Managers in the event of a terrorist act. The location of the attack will determine evacuation procedures.
  2. All ECU employees and students must obey the directives of the emergency personnel in their building or area.
  3. Each departmental Emergency Planning and Control Management Personnel will address the primary and alternative responses and evacuation during an act of aggression on ECU's campus.


The ECU Police will notify all outside law enforcement agencies and then take immediate action to control the danger.

  • Protection of human life is the highest priority during a terrorist situation, therefore, emergency operations personnel should follow the directions of all law enforcement personnel.
  • Local law enforcement and fire service agencies have the lead responsibility for terrorism preparedness, response and recovery activities.
  • The University Police procedures for reacting to an act of aggression are outlined in their departmental guidelines.