ECU students who are considering Teacher Education as a career must make application into the Teacher Education Program. Applications for admission will be completed while enrolled in EDUC 2012.

A student must meet the following criteria to be admitted to the Teacher Education Program:

1. Submit a completed “Admission for Teacher Education Application” form. Applications can be obtained from the Department of Education.

2. After completion of at least 36 credit hours with a grade point of 2.5 or better, the student may enroll in EDUC 2012 Diversity in American Education (by the end of the

semester must have completed at least 44 credit hours).

3. Achieve a “C” or above in ENG 1113 Freshman Composition I, ENG 1213 Freshman Composition II or HNRS 2313 Enduring Questions: Perspectives from Rhetoric and Research (Honors Students Only), and COMM 1113 Fundamentals of Human Communication. The student can be currently enrolled in these courses but may not progress to professional block II without achieving a “C” or better upon completion of each course.

4. Receive a satisfactory recommendation from an education faculty interview committee.  

5. Provide documentation of experiences working with children/youth (completion of EDUC 2211 Field I or concurrent enrollment will satisfy this state requirement) as required by the state.

6. Provide a clear background check that does not contain a felony conviction. Acceptable background checks will be approved by the Department of Education.

7. Meet one of the requirements as outlined by OSRHE 3.21.3 in the OSRHE Academic Affairs Policy and Procedures manual.


If a person is denied entry into the Teacher Education Program a written appeal may be submitted to the Teacher Education Committee for a hearing and reconsideration. Appeal procedures are available upon request from the Director of Teacher Education.


If a person is denied entry into the Teacher Education Program a new application for admission may be submitted.

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