Below you will find a list of Undergraduate and Graduate Programs in the ECU Education department. For more information about individual programs, please contact the appropriate program director. For general information about the Professional Education sequence or Field Experiences, please contact Field Experiences coordinator at 580-559-5349.

Undergraduate Degree Programs
Early Childhood Education - Dr. Shelli Sharber (
Elementary Education        - Mrs. Jennifer Snell (

Secondary Certification Programs in the majors (degree in the major, contact appropriate department)
English/Language Arts - Dr. Jennifer Dorsey (
Mathematics                - Dr. Mary Harper (
Chemistry                    - Dr. Daniel McInnes (
Biology                         - Dr. Jessica Brumley (
Physics                        - Dr. Karen Williams (
Social Studies              - Dr. Scott Barton (

K-12 Programs
Art Education         - Dr. Sarah Engel (
Vocal Music            - Ms. Kelby Pletcher (
Instrumental Music - Dr. Nick Meyers (
Instrumental Music - Dr. Jace Vickers (

Graduate Degree Programs
Leadership (Principal)                        -Dr. Jerry Mihelic (
Library Media                                     - Dr. Shelli Sharber (
Instructional Design and Technology - Dr. Mark Jones (
Sports Administration                         - Dr. Jason Prather (
Special Education                              - Dr. Darcy Tessman  (
School Counseling                             - Dr. Usha Fountain (                           
School Psychology                            - Dr. Catherine Roring (

Certification Options*
School Superintendent                  - Dr. Bill Caruthers (
School Psychometrist                    - Dr. Catherine Roring (
Alternative Certification (Principal) - Dr. Jerry Mihelic (
Special Education Non-Traditional Route to Certification (Boot Camp) - Mrs. Jennifer Sparlin (

Dean, College of Education & Psychology
Dr. Jerry Mihelic - Dean (

Department Chairs
Education   -  Dr. Shelli Sharber        - (
Psychology - Dr. Marc Klippenstine  - (
Kinesiology - Dr. Jason Prather         - (

*Certification options do not lead to a degree, but meet the state requirements for certification. Individuals holding degrees may also seek certification in any of the program areas. Contact Mr. Joshua Vaughn for questions about certification at 580-559-5349, or

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