Pronghorn Project Description


The Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences offers several opportunities for undergraduate research both in the field and in the laboratory. East Central University provides the Center for Undergraduate Research and Learning (CURL) as a dedicated undergraduate research facility including a microscopy laboratory, cell and molecular biology laboratory, and environmental health and safety laboratory.


Examples of Research Courses

  • Research Methods and Bioethics (BIOL 3013) lecture course provides foundational knowledge of experimental design and ECU-approved ethics training necessary for research students.
  • Seminar in Undergraduate Research (BIOL 4993) laboratory course provides hands-on research experience for Biology majors. This course is unique in that students can choose a faculty mentor separately from the faculty listed for the course; however, students must meet with their chosen faculty mentor before beginning the course to determine expectations for course (syllabus).
  • Individual Studies (EHS 4991-4) course provides hands-on research experience for Environmental Health and Safety majors.

 Examples of Paid Research Opportunities

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