Faculty & Staff Directory

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Name Departmentsort ascending Position Phone Email Building Office
Castleberry, Sarah Purchasing Assistant Director, 580-559-5246 sarlwel@ecok.edu Administration 164
McBroom, Nellie R. Purchasing Clerk, 580-559-5263 nmcbroom@ecok.edu Administration 164
Johnson, Jo Ann Purchasing Director, 580-559-5262 jajohnsn@ecok.edu Administration 164
Walker, Rebecca Purchasing Clerk, 580-559-5264 rwalker@ecok.edu Administration 164
Hargrave, John R. Office of the President President, 580-559-5212 hargrave@ecok.edu Danley Hall 204
Hamby, Shelley Ross Office of the President Assistant Vice President for Presidential Projects and Planning, 580-559-5213 shamby@ecok.edu Danley Hall 204
Williamson, Gerald Development Office Advancement Professional, 580-559-5590 gwillmsn@ecok.edu Alumni Center 103
Newcomer, Robert Cartography Geography Associate Professor, 580-559-5397 rnewcomer@ecok.edu Horace Mann 127D
Micozzi, Mark Cartography Geography Professor, 580-559-5398 mmicozzi@ecok.edu Horace Mann 127C
Lyon, William Cartography Geography Adjunct, 580-559-5889 BLyon@ecok.edu Horace Mann 127A
Plumb, Greg Cartography Geography Professor and Chair, 580-559-5630 gplumb@ecok.edu Horace Mann 127B
Bohannon, Krissy Controller's Office Auxiliary Enterprises Account Payable, 580-559-5222 kbohannn@ecok.edu Administration 107
Lee, Julie Controller's Office Assistant Controller, Adjunct, 580-559-5616 juldlee@ecok.edu Administration 107
Milner, Fletta Controller's Office Educational and General Accounts Payable Clerk, 580-559-5218 fmilner@ecok.edu Administration 107
Shockey, Susie Controller's Office Controller, 580-559-5219 sshockey@ecok.edu Administration 107
Darbison, Sherry Controller's Office Accountant, 580-559-5717 sdarbisn@ecok.edu Administration 107
Wood, Donna Bursar's Office Cashier, Clerical, 580-559-5227 dwood@ecok.edu Administration 108
Wood, Donna Bursar's Office Cashier, Clerical, 580-559-5227 dwood@ecok.edu Administration 108
Anderson, Ty Bursar's Office Bursar, 580-559-5225 tydand@ecok.edu Administration 108
Blanco, Suzan Bursar's Office Cashier/Collections 580-559-5226 sblanco@ecok.edu Administration 108
Hampton, Brian Bursar's Office Third Party Billing/Perkins Loan Clerk, 580-559-5615 bridham@ecok.edu Administration 108
Pierson, Michael Bursar's Office Assistant Bursar, 580-559-5216 mpierson@ecok.edu Administration 107
Bohan, Patrick O. Environmental Health Science Professor, 580-559-5658 pbohan@ecok.edu Physical and Environmental Science 254
Sewell, Guy Environmental Health Science Professor, Robert S. Kerr Endowed Chair Executive Director of the Institute for Environmental Science Education and Research 580-559-5547 gsewell@ecok.edu PES 266
Weirick, Doug Environmental Health Science Professor and Chair, 580-559-5548 dweirick@ecok.edu Physical and Environmental Science 260
Grant, Tiffany L. Family and Consumer Science Adjunct, 580-559-5475 tiflgra@ecok.edu Faust 218
Long, Jan Family and Consumer Science Instructor, 580-559-5631 jmlong@ecok.edu Faust 216
Watson-Maile, Diana Family and Consumer Science Professor and Chair, 580-559-5475 dwatson@ecok.edu Faust 218
Patton, Dannie Upward Bound Program Director, 580-559-5855 dpatton@ecok.edu Fentem Hall 330
Harrell, Tonya Upward Bound Project Coordinator I, 580-559-5856 tharrell@ecok.edu Fentem Hall 332
Stoup, Dee Upward Bound Project Coordinator II, 580-559-5857 dstoup@ecok.edu Fentem Hall 331
LaMack, Mary Information Technology Application Systems Analyst, 580-559-5702 mlamack@ecok.edu Danley Hall 131
Kindrick, Shari Information Technology Webmaster, 580-559-5863 skindrick@ecok.edu Danley Hall 3rd Floor
Thompson, Rob Information Technology Systems Analyst, Information Technology 580-559-5257 robthom@ecok.edu Danley Hall 135
Henley, Dave Information Technology Assistant Director for Networking and Telecommunications, 580-559-5575 drhenley@ecok.edu Danley Hall 138
Bennett, Jeremy Information Technology Interim IT Director/Coordinator for Systems and Programming, 580-559-5256 jerbenn@ecok.edu Danley Hall 137
Waller, James Information Technology Systems Analyst, 580-559-5574 jwaller@ecok.edu Danley Hall 135
Smith, Marcus Information Technology Telecommunications Technician, 580-559-5190 msmith@ecok.edu Danley Hall 136
McBride, Steve Information Technology Programmer Analyst,
Dickinson, Kyle L. Information Technology PC Technician/Client Services Coordinator, Information Technology 580-559-5470 kdickinson@ecok.edu Danley Hall 138
Welch, Daniel Information Technology Server Systems Analyst, Information Technology 580-559-5256 dwelch@ecok.edu Danley Hall 130
Kehl, Dan Bookstore Textbook Manager, 580-559-5211 dkehl@ecok.edu Student Union Bookstore
Huneycutt, Sharon Bookstore Accountant, 580-559-5512 shunycut@ecok.edu Student Union Bookstore
McEwen, Nickey Bookstore Store Manager, 580-559-5511 nmcewen@ecok.edu Student Union Bookstore
Graham, Jami A. Academic Affairs Retention Coordinator, 580-559-5874 jgraham@ecok.edu Horace Mann 318b
Anderson, Duane C. Academic Affairs Provost and Vice President, 580-559-5204 dandersn@ecok.edu Danley Hall 208
Sewell, Holly Academic Affairs Assistant to Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, 580-559-5203 hsewell@ecok.edu Danley Hall 210
Pierson, Katricia G. Academic Affairs Assistant Vice President, 580-559-5486 kpierson@ecok.edu Danley Hall 208
West, Janesa Academic Affairs Secretary, Academic Affairs / Secretary, Assessment 580-559-5291 jwest@ecok.edu Danley Hall Academic Affairs
Jones, Meredith L. Academic Affairs Executive Secretary, 580-559-5202 mjones@ecok.edu Danley Hall 213