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Last Name Department Position Phone Email Building Office
Hibbard, Rhonda Department of Education Math Specialist (580) 559-5530 rhibbard@ecok.edu Lanoy Education Building 147
Hicks, Patrick W. Veterans Student Support Services VA - School Certifying Official 580-559-5162 phicks@ecok.edu Administration Building 251
Hilburn, Bridget McNair Scholars Program Academic Coordinator 580-559-5295 bhilburn@ecok.edu Fentem Hall 339
Hill, Katie Upward Bound Project Coordinator 580-559-5678 kmhill@ecok.edu Fentem Hall 326
Hillman, Ashia Alumni Relations Director 580-559-5651 ahillman@ecok.edu Sterling L. Williams Center 104
Hite, Dwight Business Administration Assistant Professor 580-559-5194 dhite@ecok.edu Chickasaw Business & Conference Center 345
Hoffpauir, Amanda College of Health and Sciences Assistant Director School of Nursing 580-745-2618 amalhof@ecok.edu Science Hall 308
Hollowell, Pam Interpreter Services Program Interpreter 580-559-5477 phollowell@ecok.edu Fentem Hall
Howard, Alisha Department of Biology Assistant Professor 580-559-5792 ahoward@ecok.edu Physical and Environmental Science Center 168
Howard, Eric Environmental Health Science Instructor 580-559-5614 ehoward@ecok.edu Physical and Environmental Science Center 254
Hughes, Eril Department of English and Languages Professor 580-559-5559 ehughes@ecok.edu Horace Mann 336D
Inglis, Melissa Department of Professional Programs and Human Services Assistant Professor 580-559-5382 minglis@ecok.edu Horace Mann 219 C
Ingram, Susan Mass Communication Program Instructor 580-559-5897 singram@ecok.edu Hallie Brown Ford Fine Arts Center 138
Isaacs, Phyllis College of Education and Psychology Associate Professor and Interim Dean 580-559-5350 phylisa@ecok.edu Lanoy Education Building 204 D
Isaacs, Becky Office of Financial Aid Director 580-559-5242 bisaacs@ecok.edu Administration Building 101
Isaacs, Elizabeth Office of Purchasing Purchasing Assistant 580-559-5264 eisaacs@ecok.edu Administration Building 164
Jacob, Nicholas Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Assistant Professor 580-559-5281 njacob@ecok.edu Science Hall 205E
Jessop, Brad Department of Art Chair, Director 580-559-5353 bjessop@ecok.edu Hallie Brown Ford Fine Arts Center 134
Jha, Sanjiv Department of Physics Assistant Professor 580-559-5392 sjha@ecok.edu Physical and Environmental Science Center 214