Financial opportunities offered by East Central University.

When you are considering how to fund your education, it is to your advantage to be aware of all the funding opportunities that East Central University has to offer.  There are scholarships available based on your ACT score; scholarships available in your area of study; and scholarships available through the ECU Foundation funded by the generous gifts and donations of ECU alumni and friends.  That's just to name a few!  These scholarships are not federally funded and will be awarded in addition to any federal monies you may receive.  Some of the scholarships have requirements that need to be met, such as a certain GPA, student in good standing, type of major, etc.  Below, are the details and contacts for many scholarships.


Why not you?   

Be aware of what is available, then apply!   These scholarships (that's free money) are available to ensure ECU students have every opportunity to reach their educational goals.   All you have to do is apply!  If you don't make the effort to apply for a scholarship, then it will be a certainty that you won't get one.  So...APPLY! 


Freshman Scholarship opportunities


teacher's promise scholarship


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Department Scholarships

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ECU Foundation

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Honors Scholarship

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Non-resident Tuition Waiver for Graduates

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Non-resident Tuition Waiver for Undergraduates

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Transfer Student Waiver

Useful Resources

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Veterans Educational Benefits

Veterans Upward Bound

Veterans Student Support Services

GOLD Program

Native American Academic Services