Faculty & Staff Directory

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Name Departmentsort descending Position Phone Email Building Office
Biber, Dawna - BS Nursing Adjunct, 580-559-5933 Science Hall 318
Prentice, Heather Nursing Instructor, 580-559-5798 heanpre@ecok.edu Science Hall 302A
Hornback, Emily - BSN Nursing Adjunct,
Hepinstall, Tracy Nursing Adjunct, 580-559-5933 Science Hall 318
Hoffpauir, Amanda Nursing Adjunct, 580-559-5933 amalhof@email.ecok.edu Science Hall 318
Sullivan, Diana Nursing Adjunct, dialsul@email.ecok.edu Science Hall
Jackson, Kellie Nursing Adjunct, 580-559-5933 Science Hall 318
Payne, Kelly Nursing Secretary, 580-559-5248 Science Hall 318A
Davis, Anne Walendy Nursing Professor and Chair, 580-559-5427 adavis@ecok.edu Science Hall 318B
Ollila, Debra S. Nursing Instructor, 580-559-5433 dollila@ecok.edu Science Hall 302B
Mowdy, Roberta Nursing Instructor, 580-559-5818 rmowdy@ecok.edu Science Hall 300B
Davy, Marla Nursing Adjunct, mdavy@ecok.edu Science Hall
Lanig, CeDana Nursing Adjunct, 580-559-5933 Science Hall 318
Christian, Bryan Nursing Adjunct, bryrchr@email.ecok.edu Science Hall
Cottrell, Benita Nursing Adjunct, 580-559-5933 bcottrll@ecok.edu Science Hall 318
Urbassik, Donna Nursing Adjunct, 580-559-5933 Science Hall 318
Malloy, Letha Nursing Adjunct, 580-559-5933 dyalmal@email.ecok.edu Science Hall 318
Saunkeah, Bobby Nursing Adjunct, bobrsau@email.ecok.edu Science Hall
Duran, Anna Nursing Instructor and Program Coordinator (University Center of Southern Oklahoma - Ardmore), 580-223-2904 aduran@ecok.edu Ardmore
Jimboy, Rachel Nursing Adjunct, racdjim@ecok.edu Science Hall
Miller, Sheila Nursing Instructor, 580-559-5802 Science Hall 300A
Gaither, Connie Nursing Adjunct, 580-559-5933 Science Hall 318
Caplinger, Tina Nursing Adjunct, tinmcap@email.ecok.edu Science Hall
Kiker, Terrie L. Nursing Instructor, 580-559-5962 terlkik@ecok.edu Science Hall 318D
Evert, Luanne Nursing Instructor, 580-559-5441 levert@ecok.edu Science Hall 317
Ballard, Charlotte Nursing Adjunct, 580-559-5933 chambal@ecok.edu Science Hall 318
Welch, Kristi Nursing Adjunct, 580-559-5933 krifwel@ecok.edu Science Hall 318
Ballagh, Garet L. - BSN Nursing Adjunct, 580-559-5933 garlbal@ecok.edu Science Hall 318
Saidleman, Viki Nursing Instructor, 580-559-5562 viklvog@ecok.edu Science Hall 308
Newcomer, Linda Nursing Instructor, 580-559-5881 lnewcomer@ecok.edu Science Hall 250
Heck, Jennifer L. Nursing Instructor, 580-559-5428 jheck@ecok.edu Science Hall 300C
Smith, Gina Communications and Marketing Marketing Coordinator, 580-559-5724 gsmith@ecok.edu Danley Hall 3rd Floor
Johnson, Brian Communications and Marketing Publications Relations Manager, 580-559-5650 bjohnson@ecok.edu Danley Hall 3rd Floor
Ingram, Susan Communications and Marketing Marketing Coordinator, Adjunct, 580-559-5664 singram@ecok.edu Danley Hall 3rd Floor
Ford, Amy Communications and Marketing Director, 580-559-5725 aford@ecok.edu Danley Hall 3rd Floor
Bear, Rain Communications and Marketing Secretary, 580-559-5587 raibea@email.ecok.edu Danley Hall 3rd Floor
Gregg, Amy Graduate Studies Secretary, 580-559-5708 agregg@ecok.edu Linscheid Library 4th Floor
Burgess, Chanpel Admissions and Records NCAA Eligibility Officer, 580-559-5301 cburgess@ecok.edu Administration 113
Simmons, ADeidra Admissions and Records Interim Assistant Registrar/Degree Requirements Auditor 580-559-5235 asimmons@ecok.edu Administration 111
Roark, Rozalin Admissions and Records Beginning Freshman Admissions Officer, 580-559-5233 rroark@ecok.edu Administration 113
Jones, Nyeisha Admissions and Records Computer Information Auditor, 580-559-5234 njones@ecok.edu Administration
Hicks, Patrick W. Admissions and Records Veteran's Certification Assistant, 580-559-5249 phicks@ecok.edu Administration 111
Harlan, Carla Admissions and Records Registration and Records Assistant, 580-559-5534 charlan@ecok.edu Administration 111
Herdman, Anita Admissions and Records Transfer Credit Evaluator, 580-559-5238 aherdman@ecok.edu Administration 113
Cooper, Stephanie Admissions and Records Interim Director/Registrar 580-559-5239 scooper@ecok.edu Administration 111
Cowden, Sunnie Admissions and Records Degree Audit Assistant, 580-559-5236 scowden@ecok.edu Administration 111
Moss, Stephanie Employment Services Secretary, 580-559-5260 smoss@ecok.edu Administration 160
Kinder, Rhonda Employment Services Payroll Clerk, 580-559-5526 rkinder@ecok.edu Administration 160A
Essary, Tina Employment Services Payroll Clerk, 580-559-5220 jessary@ecok.edu Administration 160E
Thurber, Dawn Employment Services Benefits Coordinator, 580-559-5823 dthurber@ecok.edu Administration 160