Faculty & Staff Directory

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Name Departmentsort ascending Position Phone Email Building Office
Sawyer, Steve Kinesiology Instructor, Head Men's and Women's Cross Country Coach 580-559-5386 ssawyer@ecok.edu Kinesiology 118
Garrigan, Darren - BS Kinesiology Adjunct,
Williams, Jeff Kinesiology Director, Associate Professor, 580-559-5604 jwillims@ecok.edu Kerr Center 304
Thorn, David Kinesiology Instructor, Head Women's Volleyball Coach 580-559-5790 dthorn@ecok.edu Kerr Activity Center 121B
Wilson, Natalie Kinesiology Adjunct, 580-559-747 natrwil@email.ecok.edu Education
Prather, Jason Kinesiology Assistant Professor and Chair, Athletic Training Education Program (ATEP) Director 580-559-5357 jprather@ecok.edu Kinesiology 111
Roark, Chad Kinesiology Assistant Football Coach, Athletics Instructor, 580-559-5361 croark@ecok.edu Kerr Center 209
Cypert, Clay Kinesiology Adjunct, clarcyp@email.ecok.edu Education
Roark, Chad Kinesiology Assistant Football Coach, Athletics Instructor, 580-559-5361 croark@ecok.edu Kerr Center 209
Reeves, Marianne Kinesiology Secretary-Athletics, 580-559-5261 marree@ecok.edu Kerr Center 300
Klaus, Brittany Kinesiology Instructor, Assistant Athletic Trainer 580-559-5468 briakla@ecok.edu Kerr Center 121C
Gonzalez, Brian Kinesiology Adjunct, briagon@email.ecok.edu Education
Jackson, Rashad Kinesiology Assistant Football Coach and Instructor, 580-559-5360 rjackson@ecok.edu Kerr Center 205
Lorance, Brian W. Kinesiology Instructor, Head Athletic Trainer and Clinical Coordinator 580-559-5521 briwlor@ecok.edu Kerr Center 122
Lasell, Dustin Kinesiology Adjunct, dusslas@email.ecok.edu Education
McGrew, Tyler Kinesiology Adjunct, tylpmcg@email.ecok.edu Education
McCarty, Jillian Bailey Kinesiology Instructor, 580-559-5836 jmccarty@ecok.edu Kinesiology 116
Key, Danny Kinesiology Adjunct, 580-559-5617 dkey@ecok.edu Kerr Center 207B
Mistler, Bryant Kinesiology Graduate Assistant, Education
McGaha, Jeff Kinesiology Instructor, 580-559-5585 jmcgaha@ecok.edu Kinesiology 117
Lohaus, Kristen Kinesiology GA-AT, 580-559-5532 krimloh@ecok.edu Kerr Center 122
McGaha, Matt Kinesiology Instructor, Instructor, 580-559-5969 MMcGaha@ecok.edu Kinesiology 115
Galloway, Delaney Kinesiology GA-AT, 580-559-5532 Kerr Center 122
Martinez, Meghann Kinesiology Student Secretary - Athletic, 580-559-5314 megamar@ecok.edu Kerr Center 300
Crown, Chelsea - BS Kinesiology GA-AT, 580-559-5532 chercro@ecok.edu Kerr Center 122
Franz, Kent Kinesiology Instructor, Head Women's Basketball Coach 580-559-5568 kfranz@ecok.edu Kerr Center 309
Welsh, Sara Kinesiology Football Secretary, 580-559-5364 swelsh@ecok.edu Kerr Center 200
Klaus, Andy - BS Kinesiology Adjunct, Graduate Assistant,
Worthly, Kathy Kinesiology Athletic Insurance Co-ord, 580-559-5334 katmwor@ecok.edu Kerr Center 122
Klaus, Andy - BS Kinesiology Adjunct, Graduate Assistant,
Pippin, Randy Kinesiology Instructor, Assistant Football Coach 580-559-5359 rpippin@ecok.edu Kerr Activity Center 208
Clark, Jill - BS Kinesiology Adjunct, 580-559-5769 jclark@ecok.edu McBride 205
Harris-Young, Joanna Psychology Professor and Chair, 580-559-5318 jharris@ecok.edu Education 200B
Harrison, Genia G. Psychology Part-time secretary, 580-559-5319 genghar@ecok.edu Education 200
Fountain, Usha Psychology Associate Professor, 580-559-5577 ufountain@ecok.edu Education 212A
Paschall, Jack Psychology Adjunct, 580-559-5346 jpaschll@ecok.edu Education 203C
Klippenstine, Marc Psychology Associate Professor, 580-559-5342 mklippen@ecok.edu Education 305E
Alford, Jody - MSPS Psychology Adjunct, 580-559-5328 jalford@ecok.edu Education 305A
Heitland, William Psychology Professor, Adolph Linscheid Distinguished Teaching Professor 580-559-5329 bheitlnd@ecok.edu Education 212D
Blasengame, Dawn - MEd Psychology Adjunct, 580-559-5318 Education
Forster, Kelci Psychology Work Study Assistant, 580-559-5325 kelmfor@email.ecok.edu Education 305
Velez, Santa Psychology Assistant Professor, 580-559-5324 svelez@ecok.edu Education 212C
George, Kris Psychology Graduate Assistant, kridgeo@ecok.edu Education 580-559-5319
Harwell, Ellen Psychology Assistant Professor, 580-559-5335 elljhar@ecok.edu Education 307C
Bridges, Stacey Psychology Instructor, 580-559-5343 sbridges@ecok.edu Education 307B
Burke, John Psychology Professor, 580-559-5340 jburke@ecok.edu Education 305C
Terrell, Joshua Psychology Work Study Assistant, 580-559-5330 joscter@email.ecok.edu Education 212
Steele, Laura Psychology Adjunct, 580-559-5319 laulste@ecok.edu Education
Roring, Catherine Psychology Assistant Professor, 580-559-5676 croring@ecok.edu Education 212E
Echard, B.J. - MEd Enrollment Management Interim Director, 580-559-5806 bechard@ecok.edu Administration 102A