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Last Name Department Position Phone Email Building Office
Baker, Amy Office of Purchasing Purchasing Specialist 580-559-5264 amycbak@ecok.edu Administration Building 164
Balch, Stan Educational Opportunity Center EOC Director 580-559-5764 stawbal@ecok.edu Memorial Student Union EOC
Ballard, William Veterans Upward Bound Academic Counselor/Instructor 580-559-5384 wballard@ecok.edu Lanoy Education Building 155/151
Ballard, Jill Harland C. Stonecipher School of Business Secretary of the Dean 580-559-5274 audjbal@ecok.edu Chickasaw Business & Conference Center
Ballard, Charlotte School of Nursing Adjunct chambal@ecok.edu Science Hall 318
Barker, Rachel School of Nursing Adjunct racabar@ecok.edu
Barnes, Michael Upward Bound II Project Coordinator 580-559-5856 micabar@ecok.edu Fentem Hall 329
Barton, Mitchelle Academic Success Center Academic Advisor 580-559-5288 mbarton@ecok.edu Administration Building 262
Barton, Scott Department of History Professor 580-559-5563 sbarton@ecok.edu Horace Mann 318 B
Bay, Michael D. Biological and Environmental Sciences Professor, Department Chair 580-559-5497 mbay@ecok.edu Physical and Environmental Science Center 158
Beak, Aislinn Office of the Bursar Backup Cashier 580-559-5226 aisbea@ecok.edu Administration Building 108
Bean, Christopher Department of History Professor and Chair 580-559-5418 cbean@ecok.edu Horace Mann 238B
Bear, Rain Developmental Disabilities Assistant Coordinator 580-559-5536 rbear@ecok.edu Fentem Hall 217
Becerra, Terrie Department of Sociology Assistant Professor 580-559-5414 tbecerra@ecok.edu Horace Mann 237C
Beckham, Amy School of Nursing Adjunct amyebec@ecok.edu
Beesley, Ayla Veterans Student Support Services Academic Coordinator 580-559-5163 abeesley@ecok.edu Administration Building 251
Belcher, Dana Linscheid Library Director 580-559-5564 dbelcher@ecok.edu Linscheid Library 407
Benge, Matthew Team Gear Up Director 580-559-5837 matlben@ecok.edu Fentem Hall 106
Bennett, Jeremy Information Technology Director 580-559-5256 jerbenn@ecok.edu Danley Hall 137
Benton, Steve Honors Program Professor , Director University Honors Program 580-559-5877 sbenton@ecok.edu Faust Hall 155