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Last Name Department Position Phone Email Building Office
Claxton, Debbie Academic Success Center Academic Advisor/NCAA Eligibility Officer 580-559-5309 dclaxton@ecok.edu Administration Building 262 D
Clayton, Cristin Department of Professional Programs and Human Services Adjunct 580-559-5382 criscla@ecok.edu Faust Hall 148
Clifton, Ashley School of Nursing Adjunct ashccli@ecok.edu
Clifton, Caitlin Department of Professional Programs and Human Services Adjunct 580-559-5589 caiscli@ecok.edu Faust Hall 148
Cole, Matthew Athletics Head Coach Women's Basketball 580-559-5568 matwcol@ecok.edu Kerr Activities Center 310
Coleman, Kaylie Linscheid Library Outreach Assistant 580-559-5565 kayjcol@ecok.edu Linscheid Library 322
Collins, Allison School of Nursing Adjunct acollins@gmail.com
Collins, Steven Business Administration Adjunct scollins@ecok.edu Chickasaw Business & Conference Center
Conklin, Carly Department of Performing Arts Assistant Professor of Theatre, Director of Theatre 580-559-5600 cconklin@ecok.edu Hallie Brown Ford Fine Arts Center 135
Cooke, Michelle Native American Studies Adjunct 580-559-5419 carmcoo@ecok.edu Horace Mann 247
Coon, Joe Native American Studies Instructor 580-559-5326 joecoo@ecok.edu Horace Mann 248A
Cooper, Cindy Academic Affairs Administrative Assistant 580-559-5202 cscooper@ecok.edu Danley Hall 213
Cooper, Stephanie Business and Conference Center Business Conference Center Director 580-559-5296 scooper@ecok.edu Sterling L. Williams Center 112
Cowling, Bill Facilities Management Custodian 580-559-5691 bcowling@ecok.edu Facilities Management
Cox, Jennifer Student Health Services Director, Student Counseling Center 580-559-5714 jcox@ecok.edu Memorial Student Union 137 B
Crandall, Blake Athletics Assistant Football Coach 580-559-5779 Kerr Activities Center 208
Crawford, A. Faith Department of Politics, Law and Society Adjunct alafcra@ecok.edu
Crittell, Charles Department of Chemistry Professor 580-559-5494 crittell@ecok.edu Physical and Environmental Science Center 226
Crowell, Eric Facilities Management Custodian 580-559-5377 ecrowell@ecok.edu Physical Plant
Crowell, Eric D. Landscape & Grounds Maintenance Groundskeeper 580-559-5378 Facilities Management 104