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Last Name Department Position Phone Email Building Office
Macon, Randy Department of Professional Programs and Human Services Adjunct rankmac@ecok.edu
Maples, Randall Department of Chemistry Assistant Professor 580-559-5417 rmaples@ecok.edu Physical and Environmental Science Center 244
Massey, Patricia Elizabeth School of Nursing Assistant Professor 580-559-5962 patemas@ecok.edu Science Hall 302B
Matlock, Haley Academic Success Center Director hmatlock@ecok.edu Administration Building 262
Matlock, Ben Information Technology Application Systems Analyst bmatlock@ecok.edu Danley Hall 131
Maxwell, Michael Art + Design : Media + Communication Chair, Assistant Professor of Mass Communication 580-559-5946 mmaxwell@ecok.edu Hallie Brown Ford Fine Arts Center 136
Maxwell, Carrol Department of Professional Programs and Human Services Secretary - Part Time 580-559-5400 cmaxwell@ecok.edu Horace Mann 219
McBride, Steve Information Technology Programmer Analyst smcbride@ecok.edu Danley Hall 129
McCabe, Cassidy Student Counseling Center Clinical Counselor 580-559-5714 Memorial Student Union 137B
McCain, Penny Office of Admissions and Records Senior Admissions Counselor 580-559-5385 pmccain@ecok.edu Administration Building 111
McCallum, Ashley School of Nursing Instructor 580-559-5438 amccallm@ecok.edu Science Hall 302A
McCarty, Jillian Bailey Department of Kinesiology Instructor 580-559-5836 jmccarty@ecok.edu Kinesiology 116
McCaskill, Todd Facilities Management Journeyman Plumber 580-559-5378 tmccaskll@ecok.edu Physical Plant 104
McClain, Nancy Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Instructor 580-559-5626 nmcclain@ecok.edu Science Hall 216B
McCullough, Kris Athletics Assistant Football Coach - Quarterbacks 870-939-8994 kmccullough@ecok.edu Kerr Activities Center 212
McDaniel, Andraz School of Nursing Instructor (580) 745-3199 andnmcd@ecok.edu Science Hall 308
McDaniel, Randy Facilities Management Carpenter 580-559-5377 rmcdanie@ecok.edu Facilities Management Facilities Management
McDonald, Kevin Facilities Management Carpenter 580-559-5377 Facilities Management
McDowell, Elizabeth Academic Affairs Secretary 580-559-5204 elikmcd1@ecok.edu Danley Hall 208