Project Stage 1:                                                                           

During the Summer of 2019, a group of 19 ECU school of business faculty, students, and alumni delivered “U.S./Africa Business Week” to train African adults on start-up business skills, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Project Stage 2:

In 2020, we established poultry farms in 77 Ugandan villages by seeding 250-650 birds in each village. ECU Alum, Richard Kirabira also provided financial literacy training to the villages. We have directly impacted over 2,300 Ugandans, and indirectly impacted over 67,000 individuals.

Project Stage 3:

In 2021, we purchased a 2,000 egg incubator to help create a sustainable bird population. Now, rather than buying hatched chicks, we are raising our own from the eggs collected from our villages. Over the past 6 months, we have hatched over 10,000 chicks and returned them to the villages. A flock of 200 hens can lay over 43,000 eggs/year. The eggs and roosters provide a valuable food source and income stream for the villages.

Project Stage 4:

Our current project is focused on building an indoor grain storage facility to support the dietary requirements to feed over 25,000 birds. The biggest challenge we face to reach full sustainability is a consistent food supply. The growing season produces abundant grain for 60 days, but after that, the grain molds while being stored in the elements, is eaten by wild animals and birds, or becomes infested with weevils.


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