BWI does not provide substance abuse treatment or counseling services. BWI serves the campus & surrounding community in 3 basic ways:

  1. We are a PREVENTION CENTER for ECU’s campus. BWI aims to provide quality prevention & research services to our campus. We also collaborate with local partners to promote prevention efforts in the community.
  2. We are a TRAINING INSTITUTE for addiction professionals, community members, campus students & staff. BWI offers frequent continuing education events and outreach events for free or at minimal fees to increase awareness of the impact of addiction and drug use & educate on best practices for treatment. Please contact us to schedule an event for agency or group.
  3. We are a RESOURCE & REFERRAL CENTER for anyone in need of information on substance use & abuse or anyone who needs to be linked with services. If you or someone you know is affected by addiction & wants help or resources, please call or come by our offices.