BWI does not provide substance abuse treatment or counseling services. BWI serves the campus & surrounding community in 3 basic ways:

  1. We are a PREVENTION CENTER for ECU’s campus. BWI aims to provide quality prevention & research services to our campus. We also collaborate with local partners to promote prevention efforts in the community.
  2. We are a TRAINING INSTITUTE for addiction professionals, community members, campus students & staff. BWI offers frequent continuing education events and outreach events for free or at minimal fees to increase awareness of the impact of addiction and drug use & educate on best practices for treatment. Please contact us to schedule an event for agency or group.
  3. We are a RESOURCE & REFERRAL CENTER for anyone in need of information on substance use & abuse or anyone who needs to be linked with services. If you or someone you know is affected by addiction & wants help or resources, please call or come by our offices.

Here are a few of our recent endeavors:

  • Regional Mental Health Awareness Training (MHAT) Grant Program: BWI serves as the fiscal agent for Regional Mental Health Awareness Training (MHAT) grant. This grant provides free Mental Health First Aid Trainings in Johnston, Murray, and Pontotoc Counties and surrounding communities. Visit the Regional Mental Health Awareness Training (MHAT) Grant link on this page for more information.
  • Drug Free Communities Grant Program: BWI serves as the fiscal agent for Pontotoc County Drug Free Coalition's Drug Free Communities grant. This grant aims to reduce substance use and abuse among youth in Pontotoc County. Visit for more information.
  • Step Out of the Darkness: This annual march & rally is co-hosted by BWI & the Pontotoc County Drug Free Coalition every September to unite the community in recognizing we are all affected by addiction.
  • Oklahoma Life of an Athlete at ECU: BWI aids FATE, Inc. in providing Life of an Athlete to our student athletes. This program teaches athletes how alcohol & other drugs can affect athletic performance.
  • LADC Courses: BWI assists the ECU Human Resources Department in maintaining Addiction Courses that meet educational requirements for Oklahoma Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselors.
  • Addiction & Recovery Conferences: BWI is pleased to provide regular Addiction & Recovery conferences to disseminate information on current trends and best practices. CEU’s available to professionals.
  • ECU Annual Alcohol & Other Drug Risk Assessment: BWI conducts research to determine current needs of ECU’s campus, track trends & evaluate prevention efforts, as they relate to alcohol & other drugs.
  • MyStudentBody®: BWI funds and provides access to this online evidence-based tool. MyStudentBody® provides motivational feedback and wellness education about alcohol use and abuse as well as related issues. Completion of this program is assigned to all freshmen students in Freshman Seminar courses and required of all Greek Students.
  • Step UP! at ECU: BWI trains students using this peer bystander intervention program. Step UP! gives students a safe and realistic way to intervene with peers who are struggling with various issues including academics, substance use & abuse, violence, peer pressure, mental health issues, etc.
  • Pontotoc County Partners: BWI collaborates closely with over 100 community partners including the Pontotoc County Drug Free Coalition.
  • Tobacco Free Campus Initiatives: BWI is excited to announce as of August 1, 2012, ECU is a tobacco free campus. BWI promotes tobacco cessation services such as 1-800-QUITNOW and targets prevention of initiation of tobacco use through campus campaigns and information. Please contact BWI for more information on our tobacco free initiatives.