Tools for Campus Law Enforcement/Safety Grantees

Law Enforcement/Campus Safety Assessment

Critical Questions

Gaps and Needs Form

Policy and Training Recommendations

Pretext Communication

Resources for MOUs with Campus and Local Law Enforcement

While there are many resources out there, and we provide some links below, we want to stress that it is critical that these MOUs are tailored to more specifically fit your local, campus needs. If your campus safety department or law enforcement department is ever working on drafting a MOU, we are always here and more than happy to provide specific assistance. We can review your draft agenda BEFORE it is sent to local PDs and offer suggestions/edits. We can also help you troubleshoot if you are running into any pushback.

If you are interested in "model templates" please pay particular attention to the first and second links.

White House Task Force to Protect Student from Sexaul Assault-Building Partnerships among Law Enforcement Agencies,Colleges and Universities: Developing a Memorandum of Understanding to Prevent and Respond Effectively to Sexual Assaults at Colleges and Universities-CURRENTLY Unavailable

California Attorney General's Office, University of California, Alameda County and San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Offices, and San Francisco and Oxnard Police Departments, 2015-Model Memorandum of Understanding  (MOU) -Campus Sexual Assault Part II: Template MOU

Promising Practices for Implementing the Clery Act and Title IX in Sex Crime Investigations-IACLEA Annual Conference 2015-Susan Riseling, Chief of Police/Associate Vice Chancellor

D. Stafford and Associates-MOU Template


University of Oregon-MOU Between University of Oregon and City of Eugene

City of Lawrence, KS-MOU Between City of Lawnrence and University of Kansas

Resources for Dispatcher Training

STTAABLE Initial Call/Dispatcher Training for New Grantees

IACP Sexual Assault Training and Policy Content Guidelines

End Violence Against Women International’s (EVAWI)
OnLine Training Institute (Search Communication Training)

Nation Sheriffs Association Domestic Violence Training Courses

Resources for Report Writing

End Violence Against Women International's (EVAWI) Effective Report Writing: Using the Language of Non-Consensual Sex

IACP Sexual Assault Report Review Checklist

IACP Sexual Assault Supplemental Report Form

Resources for Statistics

FBI-Uniform Crime Reporting



Campus Sexual Assault Response Teams, 2nd Edition- Program Development and Ongoing Operations by By Donna M. Barry, APN, FN-CSA and Paul M. Cell, Chief of Police, Montclair State University