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ADA - One of the biggest issues facing the City of Ada is the lack of affordable housing options. This problem is particularly grave for professionals seeking to relocate to Ada, college students and low income people. 

East Central University political science students are planning a service learning project to spotlight the issue. A public forum is set for Wednesday, April 16, at 7 p.m., on Centennial Plaza on ECU’s campus.  

Landlords, tenants, Ada city officials, developers and all interested parties are invited to attend and participate. The event will be moderated by Dr. Christine Pappas and students in her American Government class.

After the public forum, ECU students will stay overnight in shelter made of cardboard boxes on Centennial Plaza on campus. The students hope that building a cardboard city and then sleeping in it for a night will be a good reminder of why affordable housing is important.

“My students had the idea for the project,” Pappas said. “In talking with folks from the city I have learned that the new City Planner Todd Kennemer is working on a plan for bringing affordable housing to Ada. We hope that we can contribute ideas to the process.”

“We are in the process of choosing a consultant to work with us regarding affordable housing,” said Kennemer.

Terrance Bonner, a freshman from Moore, is interested in addressing affordable housing in Ada and will moderate the discussion.

“We need to come together, reach an agreement, and fix up our community as soon as possible,” Bonner said.


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