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Jefferson Keel has worked in public service ever since he joined the Oklahoma Army National Guard as a 16-year-old high school senior who wanted to see the world. And see the world he did, during a distinguished military career that included duty in combat and peacetime in the infantry, the 101st Airborne Division and Army Rangers.

"Today, I am proud to be in service to my own people," Keel said

Molded by his military training, education and heritage, Keel serves his fellow Chickasaws as lieutenant governor of the Chickasaw Nation in Ada and will be honored as East Central University's 2008 Distinguished Alumnus during commencement ceremonies on May 10 [SATURDAY].

It is the highest honor the university bestows upon former students. Keel will receive the award during ECU's commencement ceremonies at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. in Kerr Activities Center.

The lieutenant governor will address 721 degree candidates at the ceremonies, including 501 bachelor's degree candidates and 220 graduate degree candidates who completed degree requirements this semester or will complete requirements this summer.

Most bachelor's degrees will be conferred during the 10 a.m. ceremony. Master's degrees and bachelor's degrees in nursing, elementary education, early childhood education, special education, psychology, social work, counseling and criminal justice will be conferred during the 2 p.m. ceremony.

Keel, who lives in Sulphur, admits he "floated" through Tishomingo High School and was a bit afraid of going to college when he graduated in 1964.

"I didn't consider it an option," he said. "First of all, we couldn't afford it, and I didn't know what to expect or what I wanted to do."

Geography and history books were what had stirred his imagination in school.

"I knew if I wanted to experience things other than working in the hay and farm fields in southern Oklahoma, I would have to do something," he said.

So he enlisted in the Oklahoma Army National Guard and went to Fort Jackson, S.C., for basic training when he was 17. It gave him a sense of adventure and, more importantly, "a way to accomplish things I couldn’t do otherwise."

After basic training he enrolled one semester at Murray State College.

"College was a culture shock," Keel admitted. "I had to get some people to encourage me. They helped me understand what education is all about, why having a college degree gives you an advantage over someone who has a lot of experience. I had some folks sit down and encourage me."

He enlisted in the regular Army in 1966.

"It was good for me," he said. "I loved it. In the regular army, I wanted to jump out of airplanes - so I did. I call those my Rambo days," he said with a smile.

His combat service included nearly three years as an infantryman with the 1st Cavalry Division and with the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam. He was a member of the elite Army Rangers, serving as an instructor in all phases of the Ranger training course. With Special Operations Training, he participated in many joint exercises with conventional and Special Operations Forces.

Stationed in Hawaii in 1973-74 as the U.S. was pulling out of Vietnam, he was encouraged by his company commander to go back to college.

"In 10 years, I would be ready to retire, with nothing to do. If I stayed in the army, I'd still need a degree (to advance)," he said. "I was more settled by then and ready for college."

He returned to Murray State, where he met his future wife, Carol, and earned an associate's degree before transferring to ECU. He entered the Reserve Officers Training Corps program and majored in health and physical education with the intention of becoming a high school coach. After observing a few days of students' doing their practice teaching, he decided that career was not for him.

It made his decision easy whether he should go into the Army reserves or back into active duty service.

Keel graduated from ECU in 1978 and received the Gen. George C. Marshall Award for leadership excellence and academic achievement as ECU's top military student. He was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Field Artillery and returned to active duty at Fort Sill.

After completing training, he served at Fort Carson, Colo., and in 1980 assumed command of a headquarters and headquarters battery of a Division Artillery, a unit of more than 250 people and associated combat vehicles and communications equipment and other facilities.

After specialized training at Fort Sill, he was assigned to Frankfurt, Germany, where he served as the nuclear targeting officer and as a corps artillery plans and operations staff officer in Europe.

He was stationed at Fort Rucker, Ala., from 1985 until his retirement in 1989, serving as a fire support and combined arms instructor for a number of basic and officers advanced courses. During that time he also completed a master's degree at Troy State University in Alabama.

His military awards and decorations include two Purple Hearts, two Bronze Star medals with "V" for valor, the Army Commendation Medal with valor, two Meritorious Service Medals, the Air Medal and the Combat Infantryman Badge.

Keel credits the military for teaching him to take a disciplined approach to each task, be prepared and hone his critical thinking skills.

"The military prepared me for a leadership role - how to see what needs to be done, how to take the resources available and maximize their use to help more people," he said.

"I really believe you can’t be a good public servant until you understand that peoples' needs are immediate needs that need to be met today. Obviously, everyone wants a better quality of life, but how do we get there and what is the best use of our resources?

"We have to make informed decisions on the information available to us, assessing it in a critical way to make sure our resources are not wasted, and that the solutions are not only timely but effective."

While Keel's role is to assist Chickasaw Gov. Bill Anoatubby in making sure the tribe is moving in the direction it needs to go, Keel manages several divisions and serves on a number of national committees that allow the Chickasaws to have a voice in federal Indian policies.

"My busiest role is that of first vice president of the National Congress of American Indians," he said. "It is the oldest and largest tribal advocacy organization with 270 tribal governments as members."

Keel has testified on behalf of the NCAI before the U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs and interacts with numerous tribal leaders on issues affecting tribes across the country.

Keel said he experienced racial bias growing up as a Chickasaw.

"It was not extreme. The racial prejudice was more subtle. A lot of comments would be made. My father was a full-blood Chickasaw," he said.

"We were always taught to work hard, never give up and don't accept someone else's definition of who we are."

Most of the Chickasaw and Indian social activities were centered around Indian churches, he said.

"Some did not identify themselves as Indians. There were some people who were ashamed," Keel said. "Part of the assimilation process was to remove the cultural connection. The way they did that was to attempt to make you feel inferior."

"For the last 30 or 40 years we've worked to overcome that. Now, we work to instill pride in our heritage," he said.

"I believe that with education and hard work we can provide our people with the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty that exists among many Indian people today," Keel said. "We must help them achieve their goals by providing them with the education and tools necessary for success. We need to continue the basic policy of helping our people through honorable public service."

Keel and his wife Carol have three children: Thomas Keel, and his wife, Teresa, have three children, and live in Ada. Jeff Keel and his wife, Falisha, have one child and live in Sulphur. Daughter Kristen Schexnayder and her husband, Tim, have three children and live in Ada.

Candidates for BACHELOR'S DEGREES at East Central University include:

ADA - Erik Abrahamson, Ashley Adams, Olanrewaju Adegoke, Kamal Adhikari, John Aldrich, Rebecca Andrews, Melinda Anoatubby, Kenneth Bailes, Tara Bailey, Stephen Balliett, Blen Bekele, Retha Bennett, Molly Bonar, Zachary Brady, Megan Brown, Terri Brown, Leah Buchanan, Daniel Cabo, Derek Cain, Leann Cain, Katrina Capshaw, Britten Carpenter, Catherine Caton, Amanda Chandler, Danielle Clark, Jennifer Clark, Valerie Coerver, Chase Counts, Juliette Coureur, Timothy Crawford, Meagan Crutchfield, Calvin Davis, Cameron Davis, Sara Davis, Jean-Jacques Dogbo, Peggy Doud, Jayla Eaves, John Ebrite, Amanda Edwards, Landon Estes, David Farmer, Corey Fetters, Ivy Fitzgerald, John Flud, Jessica Ford, Bailey Freeman, Charlotte Freeman, Zachary Fuchs, Jean-Pierre Gevert, Elizabeth Hall, Meri Hammack, Genia Harrison, Beatriz Hernandez, Jason Higgins, Mark Hodges, Donna Hoehman, Kirby Hogue, Kellie Humphrey, Susan Ingram, Amanda James, Myndy James, Ali Johns, Staci Johnston, Justin Jones, Kacie Jussely, Kenneth King, Leisa Kinstner, Taylor Lackey, Lisa Lamb, Benjamin Lewis, Kelli Lowe, Kevin McFarlin, Carrie McKamie, Courtney McKinnis, Joseph McReynolds,  Lisa Moore, Whitney Musgrove, Audrey Myers, Felix N'Gouan, Goreth Nankwa-Albert, Marc Neufeld, Lance Newman, Susanna Newman, Dana Nobles, Renee Norton, Lisa Ott, Tamara Pacillo, Rachelle Pedigo, Tori Petete, Kevin Pinley, Jeremy Poff, Parikshit Pokharel, Sandeep Pokharel, Josh Powell, Holly Prater, Zachary Presley, Tammy Price, Kyle Qualls, Jill Raley, Kinchata Ray, Tandi Ray, Andrea Rendon, Jennifer Rhynes, Wesley Richardson, Adam Ritter, Rebekah Rogers, Greg Roller, Justin Rolls, Stacey Saunders, Michael Scroggins, Justin Sharp, Amy Shaw, Derek Shivers, Michael Shores, Bradley Shults, Megan Shultz, Julia Siegle, Julie Singleton, John Skender, Hillary Spears, Jamie Spottedbird, Amanda Stevens, Jennifer Stewart, James Storment, Hillary Sweetin, Geneva Tate, Cathleen Taylor, Shawn Taylor, Matthew Temple, Jason Thomas, Jesseca Thomas, Matthew Thomas, David Thompson, Freddie Thompson, Benjamin Tinsley, Kennith Towler, Quynh Tran, Charity Trussell, Kristene Van Winkle, Lea Vinson, Douglas Walling, Joshua Ward, Silas Welch, Kailey Wellington, Parker Wellington, Misti White, Andrew Whitley, Andra Williams, Deanna Williams, Thomas Williams, Toby Wilson, Shay Wood, Vicki Wren, Aaron Wyatt, Daniel Wyatt and Alicia Yates.

ALDERSON - April Christian.                         

ALEX - Micki Marsh.

ALLEN - Terra Griffith, Brooke Prentice, Nicole Smith and Christian Teal.

ANTLERS - Joshua Henley and Jayci Jacks.

ARDMORE - Kenneth Antwine, Jana Barton, April Brown, Charles Cohee, Emily Cook, Jeremy Cumbie, Marcuchio Downing, Sherri Eades, Jastin Flenory, Marian Fuego, Marianni Fuego, Christopher Harris, Christopher Hopper, Keri Humphrey, Camedra Jones, Leah Keller, Calvin Lee, Erin McWaters, Gloria McWaters, ShaQueta Peters. Kendra Pickens, Sherry Pickens, Chloe Price and Charlotte Wittner.

ASHER - Sarah Carreon, James McClure and Edward Sweeny.

ATOKA - Tammy Banker, April Carroll and Angela Tree.

BARTLESVILLE - Leslie Stewart.

BIXBY - Amanda Roark.

BLOCKER - Micah Burge.

BOKCHITO - Lindsey Pruitt.

BOSWELL - Misty Eastwood.

BOWLEGS - Julie Price.

BURNEYVILLE - Whitney Harbour.

CALVIN - Wesley Wainscott.

CENTRAHOMA - Thomas Cannon.

CHANDLER - David McKenzie.

CHATTANOOGA - Bryce Rudek.

CHECOTAH - James Wilcox.

CHICKASHA - Candice Neal.

CHOCTAW - Eric Bowien and Kristie Dodgion.

CLAYTON - Jennifer Hairrell.

CLINTON - Matthew Stout and Megan Stringer.

COALGATE - Rachel Cagle, Michael Hallows, Charity Holder, Angela Ingram and Penny Ward.

COLBERT - Demetra Stanfield.

CONNERVILLE - Dakota Cole.

CUSHING - James Brown.

DAVIS - Sharon Boydston, Scott Nowlin, Sian Phipps and Jama Robertson.

DURANT - Kristi Coleman, Elizabeth Cook, Jana Haggard, Jessica Hyatt, Lori Norman, LeAnn Polson, Misty Ward and Chandra Workman.

EARLSBORO - Dana Duncan.

EDMOND - Mary Beth Richardson.

EL RENO - Benjamin Hudson.

ELMORE CITY - Randy Gardenhire, Willie Harrell and Connie Pierce.

EUFAULA - Jennifer Banfield and Phyllis Hamilton.

FITTSTOWN - Sarah Francois.

FITZHUGH - Michael Lefler.

FRANCIS - Calli Presley and Shanna Shaw.

GLENPOOL - Kendra Enerson.

GOLDSBY - Joanie Wells.

GOWEN - Audie Johnson.

HARRAH - Ryan Nicolls.

HARTSHORNE - Christina Baker, Maranda Byrd, Jodi Davis, Scott Hartness and Trudy Hartness.

HEALDTON - Gustavo Bordones Vasquez and Julie Bruner.

HEAVENER - Brent Nichols.

HENRYETTA - Ashley Clinesmith.

HOLDENVILLE - Linda Beck, Wendy Davenport, Leslie Driver, Rachael Pattison, Lacee Rollins, Gennie Scroggins and Arleigh Wood.

HUGO - Shane Richardson.

IDABEL - Macy Mitchell.

KINGSTON - Tamy Beasley.

KIOWA - Mary Patton.

KONAWA - Darrell Cooley, Sondra Glenn, Kimberly Phillips, Elizabeth Rhodes, Ted Wieghard and Breanne Yott.

KREBS - Freddy Jones.

LANE - Elizabeth Birdsong.

LEHIGH - Barinda Barrett.

LEXINGTON - Christy Heisey.

LONE GROVE - Courtney Price and James Vines.

MACOMB - Katie Boone and Autumn Kinsey.

MADILL - Clovis Hamilton and Monica Winford.

MARIETTA - Michelle McGee, Matthew Scivally and Debra Thompson.

MARLOW - Kim Colley and Brittany McCalvin.

MAYSVILLE - Julie Gamble, Chelsi McCurtain, Lavonda Prather and Mallory Reynolds.

McLOUD - Angela Raspberry-Shannon.

McALESTER - Steven Ashley, Kristi Barnes, Brody Brannon, Elisabeth Buckingham, Connie Campanella. Sarah Compton, Eldon Conner, Keith Curran, Carissa Day, Melissa Gupton, Janna Kemp, Alisha Ketchum, Amber Kincade, Rhonda Maness, Jennifer Reed, Donna Robinson, David Rogers, Patrick Waldrop and Angela White.

MEEKER - Chelsee Sanders.

MILBURN - Tara Fall and Marissa Moore.

MILL CREEK - Crystal Underwood.

MOORE - Adam Brennan and Rachel Miller.

MOYERS - Justin Turney.

MUSKOGEE - Tyral Hytche.

NEWCASTLE - Tatum Burris.

NINNEKAH - Jennifer Berry.

NOBLE - Shawndra Flatt, Matthew Howlett and Rachael Locke.

NORMAN - Stephanie Barton, Angela Harelston, Penny Hart, Coleman Jernigan, Kendra Kersey, Tisha Merchant, Joanna Schmidt and Stacey Wright-Pollard.

OKEMAH - Joseph Crawford and Sanford Golden.

OKLAHOMA CITY - April Brucklier, Kelly Cassidy, Kyle Gardner, Geoffrey Tritten and Billie Witter.

OKMULGEE - Dana Lee and Elizabeth Yeager.

OOLOGAH - Casey Greer.

PADEN - Cynthia Seaton and Joanna Sharp.

PAOLI - Casey McGough, Kaleb Richey and Suzannah Wardwell-Delaplain.

PAULS VALLEY - Jennifer Brenholtz, Dustin Delaplain, Ashley Deviney, Jacob Deviney, Calla Gammill, Alisa George, Jeannie Heil, Angel Lehman, Heather Pruett, Kasey Tarrant, Chalon Turner and Tasha Villines.

PONCA CITY - Adam Milligan.

PRAGUE - Tony Carman, Barbara Hall and Rachelle Law.

PRESTON - Jana Flud.

PURCELL - Jared Brown and Amanda Nicklas.

RATLIFF CITY - James Smith.

RINGLING - Stephanie McCarty, Chelsey Roberts and Jimmy Snodgrass.

ROFF - Ashly Cobb, Amanda Kelso and Dusti McCartney.

ROLAND - Regina Luper.

SAND SPRINGS - David Shaeffer.

SEMINOLE - Megan Atyia, Ashley Baker, Darla Blankenship, Kimi Coker, Jennifer Colbert, Tanya Dillard, Adam Forgety, Ryan Forgety, Linsy Ingmire, Laci Jones, Megan Muller, Zachary Northrip, Marcus Pearson, Jesse Sims, Joyce Taylor, Kristen White, Jeremiah Wise Talamasey and Jaycie Young.

SHAWNEE - April Andrews, Connie Casteel, Rebecca Golden, Mindy Long, Kandice Lowry, Lindsey Montgomery, Shannan Morgan, Susan Mustafin, Kristin Nease, Ashley Pierce and Matthew Wiles.

SPRINGER - Inez St. Clair and Lindsay Wester.

STONEWALL - Eva Higdon, Jacy Johnson, Mallori Meeks, Lindsey Ross, Tracy Spencer and Tyler Thompson.

STRATFORD - Joseph Eatherly, Vanessa Fisher, Joseph Kelough, Rebecca Littlefield, Michael Morgan, Jayne Morse, Jeremy Nelson and Rachelle Sturdevant.

SULPHUR - Susan Blevins, Shiela Brakebill, Kari Cleveland, Angelina Cole, Ted Dohmann, Tamara Jennings, Jaime Jones, Christina Lawhon, Jerilyn Pettitt, Justin Williams and Brian Zanazanian.

TECUMSEH - Christina Bergeron, Casey Carter, Garry Jackson, Steven Little, Jeffery Price and Ashley Steward.

TISHOMINGO -  Elizabeth Eason, LaHanna Ladd, Crystal Ross, Jamie Runyan and Angela Scribner.

TULSA - Seth Harrison and Lacy Rhoades.

TUPELO - Judy Fowler.

VIAN - Kendra Davis.

WANETTE - Susan Smith.

WAYNE - Donald Stringer.

WELEETKA - Whitney Burden, Keith Hare and Sammy Snell.

WEWOKA - Alex Fry, Yolanda Gilbert, Tywana Reese, Jared Stewart and Susan Tilley.

WILBURTON - Will Haywood and Corrina Kibart.

WILSON - Mark Glenn and Linda Nance.

WISTER - Charlie Roberts.

WYNNEWOOD - Meagan Bagwell, Rebecca Hamilton, Evan Hilburn, Brandy Nabors and Stephynne Stevens.

SHERWOOD, ARK. - Zack Broderick.

TUCSON, ARIZ. - James Buford.

CHINO, CALIF. - Matthew Storm.

CHICAGO, ILL - Erica Dial.

ARLINGTON, TEXAS - Matthew Wall.

BAYTOWN, TEXAS - Thurman Blake.

CORSICANA, TEXAS - Amie Schmidt.

DALLAS, TEXAS - Cory Bennett and Dominique Scales.

FORT WORTH, TEXAS - Christopher Clark.

HOUSTON, TEXAS - Errisha Edwards, Mike Glover, Dorota Klat and Corey Roberts.

IRVING, TEXAS - Demarcus Young.

MESQUITE, TEXAS - Dwayne Ealy.

MURPHY, TEXAS - Avery Anderson.

ODESSA, TEXAS - Colby Williams.

PLANO, TEXAS - Cedric Cofer.

WICHITA FALLS, TEXAS - Valerie Navarro                                                        


NADI, FIJI - Aradhna Pillai.


LAGOS, NIGERIA - Efemena Izeze.


Candidates for MASTER'S DEGREES include:

ADA - Amy Boatwright, Delilah Bohan, James Caldwell, Judy Campbell, Sharell Caton, Jacqueline Clark, Lori Clay, Charles Copeland, Melissa Cox, Shana Crosby, Bryan Denny, Michael Effinger, Maximina Eudovique, Darla Ewing, Jillian Faulkner, Joan Garvin, Pricilla George, Janice Glover, Deborah Graham, April Graves, Amanda Hammack, Clinton Hill, Melinda Isaacs, Cheryl Jessepe, Amanda Johns, Labrista Landers, Tawahnah Love, Kelly Lowrance, Glenda Mann, Nathan Matthews, Tracy McBroom, Carmaleta McQuay, Janet Milburn, Melissa Price, Tami Purcell, Melisa Rice, Robin Roberson, Stefanie Roberts, Jason Schroeder, Kim Simpson, Chasity Smith, Jacob Snovel, Catherine Streater, Georgiana Sullivan, Terry Swopes, Anna Talkowska, Kelli Thompson, Tina Vercelli, Jayma Warren, Holli Witherington and LaVonne Wyatt.

ALLEN - Cynthia Arnold, Kathleen Harrington, Silvia McNeely, Josie Murray, Valerie Nix and Brandy Postoak.

ANTLERS - Elizabeth Leader.

ARDMORE - Matthew Bloom, Lenora Colbert, Alicia Cole, Terri Cox, Nikki Hendrix, Brenda Jagger, Marilyn McAdoo and Toby Ringwald.

ASHER - Margaret Mocabee.

ATOKA - Elizabeth Buretta, Amber Kellogg, Bonnie Phillips, Tammi Stephens and Kimberly Wyrick.

BATTIEST - Max Oliver.

BENNINGTON - Sandra Redwine.

BOLEY - Susie Esters.

BRISTOW - Tina Patterson.

CADDO - April Hime.

CALVIN - Michelle Sullivan and Joanna Tuck.

CANADIAN - Kelli Hopper.

CHICKASHA - Zachary Underwood.

CHOCTAW - Edward Lord.

CLAREMORE - Ashley Boomer.

CLAYTON - Lorrie Conley.

DEL CITY - Frederick Baker.

DOUGHERTY - Becky Hale.

DUNCAN - Scott Smith.

DURANT - Dawn Bonham.

EARLSBORO - Kelly Grego.

EDMOND - Valerie Wible.

EUFAULA - Shasti James and Darren Sharp.

FITZHUGH - Daniel Baldridge, Charles Barton and Kimberly Crawford.

HARTSHORNE - Jennifer Hunt.

HENRYETTA - Lori Enis and Danielle Younger.

HODGEN - Courtney Altstatt.

HOLDENVILLE - Megan McElroy.

HOWE - Susan Powell.

HUGO - Brian Peters.

HYDRO - Sarah Stewart.

KINTA - Heather Howell and Amber Myers.

KIOWA - Janice Parrott.

KONAWA - Ginger Posey.

LAWTON - Eleonore Dennis, Suzan Hart and Daniel Smith.

LEHIGH - Linda Brice.

LONE GROVE - Jeffrey Word.

McALESTER - Jennifer Amos-Watkins, Nicolas Claborn, Vanessa Clark, Jonathan Freeman, Stacie Fryer, Amber Hitchcock, Katherine Hunt, Shelly Kirkes, Felicia Lalli, Sherry Smith, Aaron Watkins, Ashley White and Aaron Williams.

McLOUD - Ursula Hill.

MEEKER - Jessica Gabeau.

MIDWEST CITY - Mylo Miller and Susie Terrell.

MILBURN - Angela Cabaniss.

NEWALLA - Clinton Brannon.

NORMAN - James Gilstrap.

OKEMAH - Scott Robison and Susan Walker.

OKMULGEE - Carmen Taylor.

PAULS VALLEY - Chris Caldwell, Cynthia Campbell, Kyle Davis and Rachel Rayburn.

POTEAU - Sue Bryant, Tiffany Latham and Karri Robertson.

PRAGUE - David Friend.

PURCELL - Mike Eubank.

QUINTON - Ralph Gray and Amber Hubler.

RATTAN - Sheila Brown.

RED OAK - Alanna Ralls.

RENTIESVILLE - Mildred Burkhalter.

RINGLING - Karla McDonald.

SALLISAW - Natalie Maxwell.

SASAKWA - Michael Griffin.

SEMINOLE - Ryan Amos, Bryan Guthrie, Kade Houck, Debbie Jones, Nicky Macias, Patricia McFarland, Belinda Sutterfield and Alison Templeton.

SHAWNEE - Benjamin Allred, Mark Bowlan, Johnny Carrington, Sabre Dixon, Kimberly Fuqua, Candice Gatz, Kahle Goff, Catherine Griffith, Timmie Haller, Rachel Heins, Shelly Howell-Watson, Roger McCoin, Kelli Monterroso, Adrienne Ponder and Monica Williams.

SPIRO - MaLissa Evans, Tara Harper and Abby Hogan.

STIGLER - Shawna Coplen and Stacey Henderson.

STONEWALL - Melissa Fry.

STRATFORD - Glen Jones.

SULPHUR - Danna Martin, Stephenie Tynes and Jamie Weston.

TALIHINA - Angela Carlile.

TECUMSEH - Donna Copeland, Jill Newman, Thomas O'Hara and Bobbi Trousdale.

TEMPLE - Danna Thompson.

TISHOMINGO - Natasha Gray, Carrie Hurt, Kathryn Peercy and Tracey Vasquez.

WAGONER - Regina Harris and Harlan Johnson.

WANETTE - Dana Suchy.

WARDVILLE - Emilie Hall.

WEWOKA - Rhonda Barkhimer and Michael Gilbert.

WILBURTON - Kirsten Reding.

WILSON - Mandy Roberts.

WYNNEWOOD - Calline Rushing.

CHICAGO, ILL. - Steven Groothuis.

OAKLAND CITY, IND. - Wesley Bryson.

THOREAU, N.M. - Melissa Anderson.

RENNER, S.D. - Kyle Wilson.


PAMPA, TEXAS - Melissa Nunn.

SPANISH TOWN, JAMAICA - Rochelle-Ann Blake.

ST. ANDREW’S, JAMAICA - Dionne Steele and Onard Steele.

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